Telegram Introduces Top Tier Usernames On Blockchain Ecosystem

Users can now buy and sell unique identifiable usernames in a decentralized ecosystem and assign it to their business or personal profile. This comes after several weeks since the CEO, Durovs announced the development through his official channel. Users would now have full ownership of their social media address on the TON network with over 700 million users on telegram.

These names are auctioned on a dedicated platform where users can search for the desired usernames like @car, @insurance, etc, and purchase them via NFTs like smart contracts. Other elements of the telegram ecosystem including channels, stickers, or emojis could later become part of the ecosystem.

telegram usernames

He further stressed that 70% of all telegram usernames were reserved in inactive channels by cybersquatters in Iran, Each collectible name can be accessed with its @username on Telegram, or outside telegram using links such as and The first of its kind in social media history, users can also deactivate usernames making them invisible in search results without losing the name.

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An official update has been rolled out recently on the platform since the launch of telegram premium, a subscription feature that allows much more features on the platform over ordinary users. The update includes; Topics in Group –  This support admins of groups with over 200 members to enable topics and creates separate spaces for the subject. Voice-to-Text for Video Messages -Allows users to convert any voice message to text in video messaging.

New Emoji Packs -12 new emoji packs have been added to the existing ones. Redesigned Night Mode for iOS – Dark themes have been updated for users making colors more balanced with better blurring effects as you scroll in chats and chat lists. Resizing Text on Android, Mirror Design Improvements, New Interactive Emoji, and Reactions.

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