How To Delete Global Cash Card Account

how to delete global cash card account

Do you want to learn how to delete global cash card account? look no further as I will be guiding you on a step guide in deleting and deactivating your account. Users can create an account, deactivate their cards, and close their cash card accounts. Before diving in further, let’s have background knowledge of this platform.

how to delete global cash card account

What is a Global Cash Card Account?

A Global Cash Card Account is an online platform that provides a virtual card for transactions across the globe. It can be used to make payments for goods and services. A global financial-based company incorporated in the united states, that allows users to create virtual cards by opening an account through its official website.

The mobile application also allows users to manage their cards via their individual dashboards and delete and deactivate their cards or permanently close their accounts. The company recently just enabled multiple virtual cards by one user.

Global Cash is a fintech firm that offers cutting edge payment solutions and acts as a hub for employers to handle payroll and employee payments. Here’s a detailed explanation of the platform;

The platform serves as an all solution, for employers to effectively manage payroll and provides employees with access to their wages. It integrates services for managing payroll prepaid debit cards, an app, tools for money management and customer support to provide an user friendly experience, for both employers and employees.

You have access to cards in several currencies linking to your account, you can create USD, GPD, and Euro cards. These cards can be quickly funded from your bank account.

How To Delete Global Cash Card Account

Your account can be deleted in several ways but kindly follow these steps to delete your global cash card account permanently;

  1. Visit the official website and log in with your credentials
  2. At the top corner click on account settings
  3. Select account preference and click deactivate the account.
  4. Confirm by inputting your password.

You can also send an email to support with the registered email requesting that your account be permanently deleted.

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