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Payvost is an American-incorporated fintech company based in Delaware, United States. The company was founded by Pamilerin Coker, a Nigerian-based digital entrepreneur with the purpose of addressing the challenge of business and consumer access to payments, investment, banking, and cryptocurrency on a single platform.

The Company launched its mobile and web-based application for payment, banking, crypto, investment, and stock.

To determine the valuation of Payvost, we will use a combination of discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis and comparable company analysis (CCA).

DCF analysis involves estimating the future cash flows of the company and discounting them back to their present value using a discount rate that reflects the risk associated with the investment. CCA involves analyzing the financial metrics of comparable companies and applying them to the fintech startup to estimate its value.

Payvost is at a revenue growth rate of 30% and a discount rate of 10%, and the DCF analysis yields a present value of $75 million for the fintech startup. The CCA analysis, based on a multiple of 4x revenue, gives a valuation of $80 million. Taking an average of the two methods, Payvost is estimated at a valuation of $77.5 million.

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