Kuda MFB Set To Launch Kuda Business App & POS Terminal

One of the fastest-growing digital microfinance banks, Kuda, will launch the official business app and Point of Sale terminals for small and retail businesses. The digital bank made it known to its customers via the official app.

The company further stressed the availability of the official business app on google play and AppStore for download soon. The Kuda Business beta, which started as a web-based version earlier this year, is aimed at helping business owners manage their finances, generate invoices, and many more.

Freelancers and creatives can also leverage the products by accepting payments and promoting their services online. Kuda has been the day-to-day banking app for many young Nigerians due to the difficulties in dealing with large sums of money.

Users can now open a registered business account and your business must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to open a business account in your business name. This feature also comes with various benefits for businesses including loans.

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Small business owners can now request POS terminals to run their businesses, bank for free, and accept card payments from customers and merchants.

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