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“Good afternoon, what will you like us to serve you?” A waitress asked the couples seated at one side of the restaurant.

Elsa have her chin rested on her knuckles while staring at the guy having an angry look on his face.

She had refused to kss him when he asked had been silent since then with a long look on his face.


“What will you like to have young man?” Elsa directed the question to Raymond since she is the gentleman of the day.

Raymond raised his gaze at her, his arms were folded. He scoffed. ‘Seriously I could have just kssed her without asking, why did I ask in the first place?’

“Sweetie.. Is everything okay?” Elsa asked in a caring voice but Raymond could see she was enjoying this.

‘No I’m not since you keep to.rturing me!’ he screamed inwardly and force a smile at the waitress.

“I’ll like to have fried Chicken steak and Merlot” he replied.

“Merlot is not available sir” the Waitress answered.


“That too sir” she replied. His face turned cold as he raised his brow.

“Then what the fk do this restaurant ha..” Raymond almost yelled but Elsa cleared her throat.

“Language” she whispered.

Raymond took a deep breath and try to straighten his face before looking up to the waitress with a fake smile.

“What do you have miss?” He asked.

“Pinot Noir, Malbec, Grena…”

“Malbec will do” he cut in quickly before he lose his temper and cvrse out again.

The waitress bow lightly and left the the table.

“Awwn, such a good boy” Elsa squealed causing him to roll his eyes.

The waitress came back after a short amount of time and serve them. The chicken steak look so good he let out a smile.

“Hmm” he m.oaned at his first bite. “I never thought these motherfker’s meal will be so good”

Elsa also take a bite and smile.

Her mother had once bring her and Piper here on her own birthday.

Remembering her mom, she smiled sadly.

Raymond chew on his food as he watch Elsa eat. Her lips were moving. Seriously what is wrong with him!

“How long are we gonna switch roles, I mean you’re being unfair right now” Raymond pouted. He look so cute!

“I don’t see how I’m been unfair Ray” she shrugged. She Lean down and asked lightly. “So tell me about yourself”

Raymond swallowed when his gaze land on those red lips calling for his intention. He had never crave for a kss this way before.

What has this girl done to him? She made it worse by biting her lower lips making it wet in front of him.

“Ray” she called silently breaking his train of thought.

“Hmm” He couldn’t recall her question.

“What were you thinking? Is everything okay?” She asked. Is she seriously right now?

“Can you please stop the to.rture Elsa, I badly wanna taste your lips. When is this gonna end hmm?” He sighed.

“Gosh, Ray. You don’t know anything about me and I also don’t know anything about you. Our relationship isn’t Complete without knowing each other” she said.

“Who the fk made those rule?” His voice have a trace of frustration.

“I’m the one leading remember” she replied. She also want to kss him badly but wants him to earn it

‘I regret switching roles with her. I swear if this is over, I’m gonna fuck her so hard she’ll forget her name’ Raymond thought naughtily.

“Fine, I’ll make sure to try my best on this but you’ll have to reward me afterward” he said.

“And what reward is that Mr Raymond?”

“I’ll have to ask for anything, and you must do it” He said.

“Okay” she agreed without thinking much not noticing the guy’s lips moving upwards.

‘Gottcha!’ Raymond screamed inwardly and continue eating.


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