Avery Nelson

After 4 hours of sitting in the bus we finally reached our destination.

I was so excited as I woke up Hannah who was sleeping while her BTS video was still playing in her hand.

I was so excited as we looked out the window .

“FUN HIGHSCHOOL Programme ” was written boldly at the entrance as we drove in.

As our bus came to stop we all rushed outside with a joyful smile on our faces.

We were so excited, I and Hannah went to take our bags.

Finally Hannah we are here.

I’m super excited Avery, I can’t believe we are here.

Hannah said as tears slipped from her eyes.

It’s okay Hannah, all that matters is to make sure our highschool year is the best.

There were other school buses that just arrived and we could see the disgusting look they gave us.

Some came with their fancy cars and they were all in their uniforms that screamed money.

While at school we were just in house clothes. Because my school is a public one.

I looked at Hannah who was giving them the disgusting look back and it made me laugh.

Ce mon Hannah,

I hate that look they are giving, just because they were born into wealth.

But that doesn’t mean they segregate and give us that look, we are also human beings like them but with different status.

Let’s just forget it , we came here to have fun right,

She nodded.

So let’s have the fun.

We took our bags and we were led to a large building which I figured was the waiting room where the receptionist was there.

We lined up , Hannah was at the back of me.

But the other school came and our school was ignored as they gave them their room number and keys.

I was so pissed as we waited for good 2 hours before we were answered.

Thankfully I and Hannah had the same room.

For each room it’s 2 bedrooms and two large wardrobes.

As we entered our room a gasp left our mouth.

We entered as we shut the door behind us.

There was a large bed on the right and also on the left.

The middle was a large table there and two couches with a large television.

Each bed had its own reading chair and table with a lamb beside it.

There was also a wardrobe as the bedside.

There was a balcony as I and Hannah rushed there.

The view was amazing, and there was a couch there with flowers.

This is amazing.

We went inside back only to find a door and as we opened it we saw the bathroom and the toilet together.

There was a large bathtub that could contain two people in it.

And a shower at the side of the bathtub and there was a large mirror.

The door was glass but looking at it outside the bathroom door is a mirror but inside it’s glass.

This is amazing, I and Hannah said together.

We are going to have a lot of fun together. Thank God we are roommates.

That makes it even better, Hannah said.

I’ll go call my parents that we’ve reached already, Hannah said
As she went to the balcony leaving me in the room.

I brought out my phone as I did a video call with my brother.

After the first ring he picked.

Hey buttercup,

Hey Derick, I’m here already.

Thank God, for that

So how was your first day at work?

It was awesome Hannah.

I made 2.6 million dollars just for working 2 hours.

Ohh my God, that’s amazing.

And guess the amazing part.


My partner is your role model.

You mean Ariana Weldon.


Ohh my God, you’ve got to be kidding me.

No I’m not.
Wow, that’s amazing. I’m really happy. You know all this is all thanks to Natasha, make sure you thank her and I’ll do mine when I see her here.

Ohh ok, Derick said,

Ok talk to you later,

Ok bye.


As I ended the call Hannah walked in.

Ohh my God Derick will become a celebrity very soon.


I’m so happy for him

Me too.

Don’t you think Natasha deserves something better.

What do you mean, I asked Hannah.

I mean Natasha isn’t that bad as we paint her. I mean she was mean to you when we were newly in her school but you can’t blame her.

Any girl would have behaved that way for the guy they actually like.

You got a point Hannah, but I don’t like her.

Are you sure you don’t like her because your brother doesn’t or you don’t like her because you just don’t.

Because I feel you don’t like her because your brother doesn’t.

But that’s not it, Natasha is really helping your brother reach the top to feel Derick should give her a chance.

He never really gave her a chance, but she’s helping him with her popularity don’t you think she deserves one even if he doesn’t like her?

I don’t know Hannah.

I think Natasha deserves a chance .

Well that’s not my problem .

I’m just saying try talking to Derick okay.

Nah, if she loves him she’ll fight for it moreover I don’t want them to date.

Let’s forget about this love thing about Natasha and my brother.

Guess what I found out,

What?? Hannah said.

I heard that the A4 is arriving this evening.

Ohh my God, are you serious?

Yes, I’m surprised because they’ve never attended even when their school has always been picked every year.

Ohh God, I’m super nervous.
If the A4 are coming that means that Westley is also coming

Ohh God,

Hannah calms down.

I’m trying Avery, I’m trying.

Let’s just arrange our things and get some sleep okay.

Then we started removing our clothes from our bag and putting them in the wardrobe.

After an hour of arranging, Hannah and I collapsed on the bed as sleep carried us away.


I woke up with the sound of someone knocking at the door as I went to open it.

Dinner starts in 5 minutes,

With that the person left

I went and checked my phone and it was 8:55pm.

I quickly woke Hannah up as we rushed to the bathroom, took our bath together.

We decided to wear our pijamas.

While I wore simple black pijamas Hannah wore BTS pajamas.

God this girl is really obsessed with him.

We wore matching slippers she got for the both of us when we were celebrating our 5 years anniversary of friendship.

We walked out of the building as we were looking for the way to the dinning.

We just joined a group of people and followed them.

We entered the hall and it was beyond beautiful.

We were surprised but we quickly covered it from the way people were looking at us.

We grabbed our food and went to sit in an empty place.

People were looking at me and Hannah weirdly.

That’s when it hite, it was only me and Hannah that were putting on pajamas while others were wearing shut skirt or bom short with heels, crop top.

What the h’ll are they wearing in the night, Hannah said

I’m also confused

Some were even with heavy make up which was also weird.

I looked at Hannah as she looked at me back.

I’m confused, I said.

Me too.

Let’s just concentrate on our food.

Halfway to dinning someone screamed.

The A4 is here.

Immediately all the girls ran to the entrance screaming.

I looked at Hannah who looked at me as we started laughing.

“So that’s the reason they were dressed like that”

Ohh God, this is so embarrassing.

We watched as the A4 walked inside the hall and went upstairs and I guess that place Is for V.I.P only.

Some staff went with a tray upstairs.

🗣️Ohh God, mason his so handsome ?
🗣️ Did you see the flirting smile Roy gave me?
🗣️ Westley is so handsome?

Immediately that was heard Hannah held her spoon tight.

I looked at her before I said,

We could go and stroll around, you know.


We took our plates and disposed of it and walked out not before hearing someone say.

🗣️ Who goes out when the A4 just arrived.

Immediately we were outside and Hannah replied to that question, well us, we burst out laughing not noticing the pair of eyes staring at us.


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