Saturday morning came, Norah’s room was still closed. I wanted to have a discussion with her so that I could know what her problem was.

Norah didn’t come out soon so I decided to go wash my car.


In the blink of an eye, Norah came after me to tap while I was fetching water to go wash my car. She still looked worried. She stood and looked on till I spoke to her.

“Hey is everything okay with you! Can we talk, please.” I inquired

“When mummy finally gives birth to her new baby, will you still care about about me at all?

I think the both of you will just give all the love to the new baby. ” Norah expressed her worries

“Don’t think that way honey! Nothing will change, your mother and I will always love you. You’re our pride, okay!” I said to Norah

“But Aunt Sandra said so!” Norah revealed

“Don’t mind Sandra, she just jealous that your mummy and I will be having two babies while she will be having just one!” I said and we both laughed

I was relieved to know that Norah’s act wasn’t about Sandra’s pregnancy.

“Come here! You’re my favorite.” I said and hugged Norah

” Thanks daddy!” Norah said

As Norah was going back to the house, Lucy was coming to the tap with Norah’s uniforms and a few clothes.

“Good morning mummy!” Norah said to Lucy

“Good morning sweetheart! How did you sleep?” Lucy asked Norah

“Fine thank you mummy!” Norah replied and proceeded to the house happily.

Lucy hurried to me at once.

“Honey, Norah looks so happy today! Did she tell you why she was acting strange?” Lucy asked curiously

“She was just afraid of losing the love we have for her to baby we shall be expecting in the near future.” I explained to Lucy

“Oh I see! Someone is jealous of her unborn sibling already.” Lucy said jokingly and we both laughed.

“I think I should take her out to the mall when am done washing my car. Won’t you come with us!” I said to Lucy

“No, you two should go! I have to wash these clothes and then make us something to eat.” Lucy declined

“Okay honey!” I said as I went off to wash my car.

At noon, Norah and I were ready to leave for the mall when the gatekeeper came running to me.

” Oga! Fuel for the generator is done already. I was wondering if you could stop by the station and get some more on your way back home.” The gatekeeper

” Come with the container, I will drop you off at the station.” I replied to the gatekeeper

We all sat in the car and drove off. The gatekeeper stopped at the station to get the fuel while Norah and I proceeded to the mall.

Norah and I didn’t take long at the mall. We got everything we wanted in about thirty five minutes and while we left the mall, we bumped into Sandra at the exit.

“Hey Girl! how are you doing?” Sandra said to Norah while she tickled her

“Am fine!” Norah replied with a smiling face

“Ohhh! Let’s go back in there so I can buy you something!” Sandra said to Norah

“Oh no, Sandra! That won’t be necessary, we’re really in a hurry.” I hurried to decline her offer.

“Come on daddy, just five minutes I will join you in the car.” Norah pleaded and they both went back into the mall.

I was uncontrollably angry at Sandra. I couldn’t trust my daughter around Sandra.

First, I wanted to shout at Sandra for picking my daughter from school without permission from me or her mother the other day and not just that, Sandra poisoned my daughter’s mind as well. But I couldn’t shout at her in front of Norah.

I sat in the car and waited patiently for Norah to come out of the mall. It took her almost fifteen minutes to come to the car.

When she Norah got into the car, she had a box chocolate biscuits in her possession.

Her face looked so dim and she wasn’t showing any sign of excitement.

I knew Sandra had said something else but I didn’t ask Norah about it. I waited for her to speak on her own will.

I started the car and drove off.

When I looked into the front mirror, I perceived tears in Norah’s eyes. I had to stop the car immediately.

“What’s the matter, dear? Did Sandra say something else to you?” I asked Norah

“I hate aunt Sandra!” Norah replied scornfully and threw away the chocolate biscuits through the window.

“What happened dear! You’re getting my BP high. Will you say something…” I inquired

“Auntie Sandra told me she’s pregnant for you, daddy!” Norah said as she cleared her teary eyes

My whole body froze at the sound of that, I suddenly went mute for a while.

” Sa… San….Sandra said that to you?” I stammered in shock
“Don’t take it seriously, okay!” I told Norah

“Look, daddy I’m not too young to know what it means to be be pregnant.

You slept with auntie Sandra. Daddy you cheated on mummy! I’m so hurt right now!” Norah shouted

I was surprised my nine year old daughter could understand all this.
I sighed deeply and I didn’t know what else to say.

“I’m sorry you had to go through these pains, honey!” I said to Norah softly.

My daughter noticed the helplessness displayed allover me and she became soft with me.

“Mummy deserves to know about this, right!” Norah said while she rubbed my back.

“Yeah she does, but how do I tell her!” I replied

“No worries, I will talk to her myself.” Norah said immediately

“No please! The doctor said your mummy should avoid stress and this will definitely stress her.” I explained to Norah

“Daddy please! I don’t want to hide something that will later bring trouble between you and mummy.” Norah complained

“We’re not hiding anything from her, we’re only waiting for the right time, okay!” I expressed my opinion

“Well I’m not promising you on that, I could tell her any time from now.” Norah said

“Come on, take it easy!” I replied

I quickly took Norah to the station, where the gatekeeper had stopped to buy the fuel.

And I asked the gatekeeper and Norah to take a taxi back home while I rushed back to the mall to confront Sandra.

Sandra had pushed me to my limits so I needed to confront her.

I drove back to the mall quite fast and fortunately, Sandra was still there at the parking space.

“Hey, can we talk?” I said to Sandra

“Oh you’re back. I thought you didn’t want to talk to me earlier.” Sandra replied

“What did you say to my daughter?” I asked angrily

“Holy Mary! Is that why you rushed back to this place? Is it not true that you got me pregnant!

You should even be grateful that I told your daughter and not your wife.” Sandra replied looking at me from head to toe

“Sandra what exactly is the problem! I thought that was a mistake so why bringing it back to taunt me!” I inquired

“A mistake! Can you just listen to yourself! Tony I wanted it. Did you think I would just open my legs to anyone just because I’m drunk huh!!!” Sandra shouted

“What! Sandra I didn’t know you were like this!!!” I said in shock

“Of course! How would you notice a green snake in green grass! Look Tony I grew up with no one to show me right from wrong,

I have always fought for whatever I wanted on my own. I want you, I will have you and there’s nothing Lucy or anyone else can do about it.” Sandra fumed

“Sandra you’re sick! Now listen to me, I love my wife and there’s nothing you can do to make me change my mind about her, okay!” I clarified

“Woohoo! So you would rather chose your log of a wife over me!” Sandra said ignorantly

“Sandra!!!” I shouted and lifted my hand against Sandra.

Sandra moved backwards to dodge in case I hit her. Unfortunately, Sandra fell down with her stomach to the ground.

When I helped Sandra up, she was screaming in pain. She lifted her dress up and I saw streams of bI.ood flowing down her thighs….


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