My life has always been perfect, I knew I was spoiled and I spent money lavishly.

I was rude, arrogant and always get what I wanted. I was dating the most beautiful and popular young model, Ariana Weldon” .

My parents were one of the richest people in our city, but I didn’t need their money because I had mine.


But one thing was for sure: even if I had all the luxurious life I always wanted, no one actually cared about what I wanted.

But then I met her “Avery Nelson” at a one month program where different schools were attending.

She was neither rich nor poor, just middle class. I knew my parents would never allow me to date her and I couldn’t break up with Ariana due to some reasons.

But I love her, I love her with everything I had, but I knew I couldn’t have her. I knew I was selfish by driving all the boys that lay their eyes on her.

If I can’t have her then no one will. I really wanted to break up with Ariana but I couldn’t which left me to be “in-between love and luxury”



By Avery Nelson


Avery Nelson

I woke up to the sound of my alarm as I growled loudly. I really wanted to sleep more because I was studying all night because of the chemistry test I had today.

I reached for my alarm as I gave it two smacks before it went off.

I closed my eyes back as I decided to enjoy just 5 minutes of my sleep before getting ready for school.

But my little rest was cut off when there was a loud bang on my door. I growled loudly and I knew it was my annoying elder brother Derrick.

Well the good thing is that I locked my room door last night, so I thought.

Minutes later I felt a cold liquid substance poured on my face and I could hear my annoying brother Derrick laughing.

I jumped out of bed quickly.

I screamed loudly.

Is that your good morning to me sister, he said in between his words laughing.

You’ll pay for this, and with that we started chasing each other .

Can you two just stop acting like a child? .

I heard my mom’s voice from the kitchen.

Mom , Derrick started it first.

Derrick, what did you do this time?

I just wanted to wake my lovely sister here, he said smirking at me and I felt like pvnching that pretty face of his.

Avery please go back upstairs and get ready for school , Derrick I think you should do the same thing since you’ll be dropping Avery at school.

I walked back to my room as I decided to prepare for school.

Where’s my manners, hey I’m Avery Nelson and I’m 17 years old.

You’ve met my crazy and the best big brother ever Derrick Nelson.

Derrick is 19 years old and he just got a full scholarship to his dream university “Havard”.

From next month he’s going to be studying in Havard and I’m really going to miss him so much.

My family isn’t rich at all but we got the brain.

My brother and I are really studying very hard to give my parents the best life ever.

My dad is not always at home only during the weekend because he works for a rich family as a driver to earn money for us.

My mom just works in a restaurant too and to get money is really tight that’s why Derrick worked his butt off to get into Havard as a scholarship student.

I love my family even if I and my brother didn’t have the world but we always got what we wanted.

I quickly went to my wardrobe and brought out blue crazy jeans and a light blue crop top and a pair of black Snickers.

I really love blue and sometimes I wished I had blue eyes like my brother, not my forest green eyes.

I ran to the bathroom as I did my business there, after 19 minutes I was done with dressing as I put my books in my bag as I ran downstairs for breakfast.

I went to our little dining table and saw my mom and my brother already seated there laughing at God knows what they are saying.

Mom, sorry for not saying good morning earlier.

It’s okay baby, come eat.

I really see what a good daughter you are,

Derrick said.

Derrick shut that mouth of yours and eat your food.

I couldn’t help but stick my tongue out smirking at him.

After breakfast my bid my mom goodbye as I waited outside for my brother.

We didn’t have a car but Derrick always made sure to always walk me to school everyday.

We started to walk as usual Derrick held my hands. If people didn’t know we were siblings they’ll think we are actually a couple.

In a few months I’ll be in my dream school Avery.

I didn’t want to show that I was sad so I just smiled as I nodded my head.

We talked about a lot of things and we laughed.

Immediately we reached school, girls were already waiting at the gate because of my brother.

You see when Derick was still in highschool he was the popular guy and that wants also made me popular.

Girls were always head over heels when it comes to my brother and it was kind of irritating for me.

No doubt that my brother was really handsome and because of that I was saved from bully’s like Natasha.

She has always been crushing on my brother for as long as I can remember.

No doubt that she hates me but she can’t do anything to me because I’m the sister to her crush

I bid my brother goodbye as I entered school.

👥 Avery please I need your brother number.

👥 I’ll do anything for you for a week.

👥 Avery can we be Best friend

So many questions people kept asking me but I ignored all of them.

Back off he’s mine,

I heard the most annoying voice ever, Natasha.

I decided to focus on bringing my book from my locker and heading to class before the bell rang.

Hey sister in-law, Natasha said.

Get lost Natasha and you’ll never be my sister in-law, not in this world or the next.

Listen there you bch….

Before she could say anything else I beat her to it.

Do you want me to call my brother now and tell him you’re harassing me right now?

She quickly fake laughed

No darling before walking off.

Natasha was really pretty and very rich but because of my brother she didn’t want to change school for a private one rather than public school.

This girl was obsessed with my brother and my brother hated her.

Hey bestie,

I looked around and saw my two best friends Tyler and Hannah.

Hey Tyler,

Hey Hannah.

We hugged each other.

Let me guess Natasha started her usual thing .


That girl is in love with your brother. No doubt she doesn’t even look at anyone apart from him.

Good luck to her but I don’t give a fuck and never will I allow my brother to date her.

Ok guys let’s go to class and Ace the chemistry test.

Tyler said.

We all walked to class and minutes later the bell rang.

We took our seats and waited for the teacher to come in.


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