The black swerve from one direction to another dodging the pot holes . Dooshima’s heart was beating outside chest , she couldn’t say a word , as Terdue talked and chatted excitedly. She was sick worried , wondering Terdue’s mum would say about her .

“Baby calm down , why are you beating yourself up? My mum is going to like you , You’re looking like a beauty goddess .” Terdue said, with a smile on his face . “My mum is educated , she doesn’t pick for us who we could date .” He said .

Dooshima lightened up fifteen minutes later , they were on an unpaved road leading to Terdue’s family house , it was a two storey building duplex,with a red Aluminium roofing.


A fence stood eight feet high around the building,painted milkish white with the building with a big red fence , lost of green yellowish flowers surrounded the house . The carport housed two other cars .

Terdue’s white Formatic Mercedes-Benz and a royal blue coloured Toyata Matrix. The floor of the fenced compound had interlocked bricks , some were red , some were earth brown .

Mrs Akase was seeing her daughter off ,Mimi was heading back to Makurdi where she practiced law under a chamber of a senior advocate of Nigeria. Dooshima waited for Terdue to alight from the vehicle, he rushed to her side of the car and opened the door .
Dooshima was a beauty goddess as Terdue had called her , her thick long black hair was flowing down her back , her chocolate skin radiated , like the rays of the morning son , the blue lace pencil gown she wore , hugged her body ,a matching navy blue heels to go with the royal blue lace gown .

She couldn’t look at Mrs Doowuse smiled at Dooshima. “Come why are you hiding behind Terdue?”She asked Dooshima. “Come here let me see my daughter in-law to be .
” She said Mimidoo was the first to embrace Dooshima.

“My brother has eyes for good stuffs .” She said pecking Dooshima. “He says you’re a law graduate?” She asked and Dooshima nodded .
“Wow Dooshima we are going to bond , you and I are going to be the best sister in-laws .”Mimi said holding Dooshima’s hand . The two ladies spoke for a bit , before Mimi got out of her car and drove out of the compound .

“Come here Dooshima.” Mrs Doowuse raised her arms for an embrace , she held Dooshima tight . “You are even more beautiful than my son described you .

“Doowuse said giggling , Dooshima bent slightly to appreciate her in a Nigerian way. “The chef is almost done with the lunch , I’m so famished I’ve been waiting for the two of you .”

Mrs Doowuse said , she led the way into the big house , the interior looked familiar to Dooshima, it was like ome of the sitting rooms in her father’s house.


There was a big picture of a man with moustache hanging on the wall with military officers , other pictures of the same man in military combat uniforms, he was appearing much younger in one of the pictures, he was carrying a young girl which Dooshima presumed to be Mimi , Terdue’s younger sister and to his right hand he was holding firmly the hand of a boy of about twelve ,a younger version of Mrs Doowuse stoon beside him beaming with joy .

“Oh that’s my late husband Andrew , he died ten years ago,he was a Major General in Nigeria army before he died .” Mrs Doowuse had a grimace on her face .

Dooshima was staring at a picture of a baby boy , she could see the resemblance .”That’s Terdue when he was just two years old .”She said pointing to Terdue’s baby picture .

“Please let us go to the dinning table,I’m famished . Gift prepared a delicious meal for lunch , she made fried rice and chicken , I would want you to try it .”


Gift brought the stainless pan containing the fried rice, chicken , with a plate of fried plantains and a pack of Five Alive juice . Terdue who had gone to change into a senator wear , joined his mother and Dooshima on the dinning table .

Mrs Doowuse watched how Dooshima used her cutlery, fork and knife , were held in proper position , she was impressed by the girl .

“So Terdue says you’re a law graduate, why have you not proceeded to the law school, so you can be called to bar ?” Mrs Doowuse asked . Dooshima froze , she kept fumbling with her fork , piercing the fried plantain with her fork .

“Mummy ?” Terdue called his mother , he didn’t want his mother inconveniencing Dooshima.
“What Terdue? I only asked a question .” Mrs Doowuse said .

“No problem Terdue .” Dooshima said , implying she was capable of speaking for herself . “I ran into some problems, I had to organise myself before I get back to law school .”Dooshima said .


“Organise yourself ? How do you want to do that ? Isn’t that the job of your family to see you through school?” Mrs Doowuse asked , Terdue cleared his throat, to signal to his mother to stop probing .

“Okay Dooshima where are you from? where are your parents .”Mrs Doowuse asked .
“My family is in Gboko both my mum and dad.”Dooshima said and Doowuse nodded .

“Terdue is my only son , we trained him in the way of God, please don’t be a bad influence to him .” Mrs Doowuse said , as they slowly ate their food .

Mrs Doowuse had to rush upstairs to take a call , Dooshima joined the chef In the kitchen she was wearing a white apron around her neck .

“No you cannot do this ma .” Gift begged Dooshima.
“Please let me help you do the dishes.” Dooshima begged .


“But madam wouldn’t be happy to see her guest washing…” Gift cried , Terdue stepped in .

“Gift let her wash , I’ll tell mum I asked you to .”Terdue said , she had no choice than to let Dooshima wash the fear plates. Mrs Doowuse finished making her call , and returned to the sitting room , downstairs.

“Terdue where is your fiancee?” She asked .

“She’s helping Gift with the plates.”Terdue said , he bursted into laughter,when he saw the look on his mother’s face .”What mum?”

“You don’t let a guest do chores , what kind of son did I raised?” She asked walking into the kitchen, dressed in her milkish flowery satin Bubu gown . “Dooshima please don’t do that , you’ll soil your clothes .” she said taking the soapy plates from Dooshima .

“Come on let’s go to the sitting room .” She led Dooshima away from the kitchen , the two women spent house talking, she asked Dooshima so many questions while Terdue stepped out to use a POS machine a few houses away .
Doowuse fell deeply in love with Dooshima and wished for no better wife for her son .


“Ogwuche you have not touched me for over three weeks , the doctors said you have to be touching me regularly so I wouldn’t experience difficulties like I did when I wanted to give birth to Alice .” Onyabehi said pleadingly to Ogwuche, he lay with his back to her , unfazed as though he had not heard one thing she said .

“Ogwuche ? Ogwuche do you want the children to wake up ?” Onyabehi grumbled . “If you don’t want me anymore tell me , I’ll pack my children and go back to Ijigo , what is this kind of nonsense Na ?How can I be begging my own husband to sleep with me ?”

She mumbled , Ogwuche’s mind for far away from love making , his mind had traveled a million miles away . Onyabehi hit his arm , he turned to her .

“What is it Na Onyabehi? why are you troubling me ?” Ogwuche turned to her and asked . “Please can I sleep this is almost twelve .
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