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Raymond kept twirling the glass of alcohol in his hand. His mind was on what happened in the morning. ‘Shh.. let’s stay like this for a while’. He sighed.

“What’s up?” Leonard appeared behind him.

“Nothing.. I need more these” he said to the barman.


“You’re still not seeing Mrs Brown? You hurt someone yesterday..” Leonard asked.

“I think he let me hurt him” Raymond cut in.

“What’s with you? Are you a detective now?” He asked.

“Eww, no.. I just feel something is missing. That guy is stronger than he seems” He sit to face Leonard.

His mind drift to what the detective said to him in the hospital. ‘DON’T PROVOKE ME’ who gave him a warning?

“Hey look, that bch on red is looking at you” Leonard said.

He trace his sight and found a girl wearing a red short gown, she was surrounded with her friends but her eyes was on him.

Her cI.eavage was revealing and her thigh smooth. He smirked at her and she blush, she have the curve just the way he likes it.

“Hey babe” A lady went towards Leonard and kssed him hard on the spot. Their to.ngues swirl hard against each other.

Raymond look back at the lady on red and found her coming towards him. She slowly wrapped her arm around his neck and grind herself on him. He went hard immediately.

Jake came into the club at that moment and saw his both friends.

“What the h’ll Ray?.. you too Leonard” His eyes widened.

“What?” They both raised their brow at him.

“Are you guys insane?.. especially you Ray, I thought you like Elsa” He snapped.

The girl with Raymond pvshed her chest against him pressing her bbs against his chest. She made to kss him but he moved his face away from her.

“I like her, yeah but I don’t date remember?” He drinks from his glass of alcohol.

“Oh really? What about you Leo.. you went on a date with Charlie”

“My d*ck is not for just one girl you know.. When did you become a saint Jake?” Leonard asked while Jake chuckled pulling out his phone.

“Then you don’t mind if I take pictures” He set his phone at them.

Raymond spranged up. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sure you don’t mind if Elsa sees this and you don’t also mind if Charlie sees this” Jake said going to his camera.

Raymond did what Jake expected. He pushed the girl away from him and snatched the phone before smashing it on the floor.

“Geez Ray” Leonard was surprised himself.

“See?” Jake asked looking at his phone. Raymond grabbed him by the collar all of a sudden. “What? Why are you so upset? You like her Ray.. just accept it”

“I don’t do love” Raymond gritted his teeth.

“I never said love, I said like” Jake smirked and Raymond released him. He swept his hair backwards before leaving the club.

Jake look at Leonard who disconnected himself from the B*itch already. He picked up his smashed phone and left too.

Leonard phone rang, pinkie flashed on his screen. He sighed before picking up.

“Hey babe” He answered.

Raymond went to the hospital straight. His eyes widened when he saw Lucas with Elsa.

They were both discussing and laughing but stop when they saw him.

He stayed on his spot and kept both of his hand in his pocket.

“Hey Ray” Elsa greeted awkwardly.

“Hey” Raymond answered. His cold gaze was on the guy beside her.

“Hello Ray.. Elsa told me how you helped on catching the bad guy” Lucas smiled sweetly irritating Raymond.

“Oh yeah.. right, I just came to check on you. I guess you’re fine” He said to Elsa ignoring Lucas completly and left the place immediately.

He knows if he stays there for long, he might return back to his rude self.

“Is he alright?” Lucas asked worriedly.

“He’s fine.. sorry about the other day. He spoke harshly to you” Elsa said.

“No it’s fine, I’m used to people talking rudely to me especially students” Lucas said.

“You’re such a nice man”

“I am?.. woah! Who gave you the permission to make me blush” he pouted like a kid causing her to laugh.

“So funny” she grin beautiful, Lucas heart skipped a beat. She is just so beautiful.

“Uhm Elsa” He called gently and she look at him. “What happened at the bonfire night?” He found himself asking.

“Huh?” The question came unexpected.

“Sorry I shouldn’t be asking that. I’m sorry” he said quickly.

“Uh, I was drunk and we kssed” she replied.


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