Ogwuche had just returned from farm, he was watching off mud that had clogged to his leg outside, his slippers had worn out to an extent that they was eyes on the back parts of pairs.

His father hadn’t gone to farm for a few days, Ogwuche and his siblings had weed the whole yam farm. Onyabehi couldn’t join them in the farm, she was heavy, Ogwuche had asked her to stop labouring in the farm.

He wouldn’t be slaving for his father and his wife too. He was hearing Onyabehi’s voice reeling from inside of the house, he couldn’t wash off the mud from his leg before he rush in.

“Onya are you okay?” Ogwuche asked his wife, she had a grimace on her face.
“I am not fine, how can you ask me if I am okay. I think I’m having the baby .” She said, Ogwuche was confused.

“Is your due date near?” He asked perplexed and disoriented.
“Why will you not ask me, as you’re not the one under going the pains how would you remember?” She asked mockingly.



“Am sorry Onyabehi, what are we going to do now now?” Ogwuche asked pacing about the house.

“Do you want me to put to bed at home?go and ask your dad for the car key let’s go to the hospital.” She cried, Ogwuche was mumbling words that she couldn’t understand. “What na Ogwuche do fast, my stomach is hurting me!” She cried he ran out of the house. He went to the main house.

“Ogbenne is papa inside?” He asked his sister, who had not even taking her bath after returning from farm, she had begun to sweep the house.

“Papa is inside.” she said without looking up from the tiles she was sweeping, Ogwuche went into his father’s bedroom.

“What is it? Why did you barged into my room without knocking?” Simon asked his son.
“Papa but I knocked?” Ogwuche asked confused.


“You knocked did I asked you to come in?” He snarled at Ogwuche, he raised his back from the bed and rested his body weight on his elbows. “What if I i was naked here or I was sleeping with your mother, did you plan to see us naked?” Simon quarreled.

“Papa it’s urgent I need the key to the truck I need to take my wife to the hospital, and I need some money for the hospital bills.” Ogwuche had not finished speaking when his father jolted out of bed.

“What do you mean?” his brows tightened in anger. “So I’ll marry a wife for you with my own money and also pay for her hospital bills?” He said pointing a finger at Ogwuche.

“Papa you were the one who told me to leave other people’s farm and focus on your own that you’ll assist me when the need arises.” Ogwuche countered.

“So are you to tell me when am to give you my own money? Ogwuche you’re a very stupid person! Get out of my room! Look at the person Agada is boasting that he trained through the university? Is that how university people behave?”


He yelled so loud white spittle foam hung by the side of his mouth.”Get out of my room idiot! I am waiting for you to tell me to help you sleep with your wife buffoon. Go and find your way to the hospital.” he barked Ogwuche went out of the room.

Ogwuche stepped out of the room, fortunately his mother had just returned from bush market with a truckload of yams. She saw the worried look on her son’s face.

” Ogwuche what’s the problem why is your face looking that way?” She sensed his worries. “Is Onyabehi okay?” she asked.

“Mummy she’s in labour, I don’t have a means to take her to the hospital.”Ogwuche said.
” Why? Is Simon not at home? ” She asked.

” Mama he refused to give me the car key.”Her younger sons had started offloading the yams from the back of the truck. Ene rushed in to see her daughter in law.

” Onyabehi how do you feel?” she asked her placing a hand on her shoulder.


” Mama am not fine oh my stomach is killing me. The pain is just too unbearable, Ogwuche what’s taking you so long?” She growled angrily at Ogwuche.

” Do you want me to put to bed at home on my own? ” she snarled.
“Please Onyabehi be calm you’ll a vehicle is outside.” He said.

“Calm what? Because you’re not the one in labour pain?” Igoche jumped out of bed, he rubbed off the sleep from his eyes. He embraced his father.

“Daddy welcome.” The boy.

Ogwuche picked him up from the bed, Onyabehi got up from the bed and started heading outside. “Onya sit down, the truck driver is going to take us to the general hospital.”

Ene said the lady held her stomach and sat on the couch.
“Mama please be fast I can’t wait any longer.” She felt water burst from vagina.


“Ogwuche do you have any money saved up?” Ene asked his son. Ogwuche shook his head. “Why Ogwuche?” Ene asked disappointedly.

“Mama we agreed to use the small money we had to register Igoche in school. And for three weeks I’ve been working only in papa’s farm. ” Ogwuche said.

“But you know your wife is pregnant and that she would need money when she put to bed?” she grumbled, Ogwuche couldn’t say a word. Ene rushed into her room, she got money from her handbag that was hanging on the wall.

“If you keep on shouldering his responsibilities, how is he going to learn to be a man?” Simon asked his wife. she ignored him. “I am talking to you, did you even greet me this evening?” Ogar demanded, Ene ignored him and was heading for the exit, when he grabbed her hands and pulled her back in.

“I am talking to you and you’re walking away? Are you made Ene?” He asked, twisting her arms, she pulled her arm awwh from you.

“When you turned him to a slave how will he have money? Imagine my who was doing well in Gboko with his uncle, a medical doctor you’ve reduced him to a common farm labourer working on your farms!


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