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Raymond eyes widened immediately her lips met with his and he took a sharp in take of breath. He watch Elsa pulled way and blinked severally.

Not wasting a second, Raymond crashed his lips on hers. His left hand quickly grabbed her hair while ravishing her lips in a fast way.

Elsa could taste alcohol mixed with mint on his soft lips. She could feel the cold metal ring at the corner of her mouth, she traced her hand to his chest while responding to the kss in the same hunger.


Her subconscious was screaming at her, telling her what she was doing was wrong but she couldn’t stop herself, instead she want more from him.

Raymond grabbed her bvm possessively and made her lay on the be.d not breaking the kss even for a second.

He used one of his arm to support his weight while the other held her waist down the bed.

“Hmm” Elsa moaned against his lips grabbing his shoulder. She felt him slide his warm tongue into her mouth and she accepted it.

The kss went wild as their heavy breaths fills the room.

Raymond stopped and pulled his black shirt before going to her neck. She bit her lower lip $educively leaving out a sweet

His hand move to message her right bb causing Elsa to hold his hair. His hand felt like magic on her.

He suck on her neck harshly and then caressed it using his warm tongue, Else mind wild. “Oh Ray” she m.oaned out breathlessly.

Raymond looked up to her, she has her eyes close. Gosh! He never thought she would look this sxy. He place a kss on her left bb which still covered in her yellow gown.

He grabbed her thigh making his way down to her pantie, that was when Elsa came back to her senses.

She quickly push him away from herself and her eyes widened. What did she just do?

“Oh my God” She muttered looking at Raymond.

“Elsa” Raymond called lightly trying to go closer to her.

“Don’t you come close to me!!” She yelled heading towards the door.

She ruffled her hair in annoyance, is she Crazy? Why the h’ll did she kss him. Is it because of the alcohol? She is never gonna drink again.

“Elsa.. what the h’ll!” She heard him yelled and she looked back at him. He was shirtless and she could see anger in his emerald eyes.

“Why did didn’t you stop me?!” She yelled at him.

“What do you mean?” He asked raising his brow.

“I was drunk and then you took advantage of it.. you know I would never do that if I was sober!” She said.

“Oh now this is my fault? You kssed me first, what do you expect me to do huh? Push you away? You kssed me cus you wanted it so why are you so riled up?

I kss girls and fk them almost everyday so kssing you is not some kind of a trophy.. beside you’re not my type” He said taking a deep breath.

Elsa lips opened and close her mouth severally, his words struck her hard she couldn’t get a word out. He’s right, this is all her fault.

It’s her fault for coming here, it’s her fault for caring for him, it’s her for kssing him.

“Right” she muttered turning to leave him there.

“Fuck” Raymond swept his hair backwards and went backwards inside. He grab a bottle of whiskey and began to drink again.

Elsa got to where others is.

“Elsa” Jake stood.

“I’m leaving” she informed grabbing her purse to leave but Jake ran to hold her hand.

“What, wait.. did Ray do something?” He asked.

“I just feel dizzy, that’s all” she replied removing his hand.

“I’ll give you a ride” he said.

Charlie and Natasha also stood and ran to her.

“Is everything alright?” Charlie asked.

“Yeah sure, I only feel dizzy” she replied.

“I’ll come with you”

“No stay with Leonard, I don’t wanna ruin your date I’ll be fine” she said.

“Be careful” Natasha said to Elsa and watch them leave.


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