“I know you’ll be very disappointed by the time you get here, because I would be long gone. I thought about moving In with you and your family, I know you would want me to. I’m tired of being a burden to those around me.

I made this mistake I have to live with it. I cannot continue living under the same roof with this woman, she’s getting me crazy.

I don’t even know where I am going to or what next I want to do, but I want to assure you that Shania and I would be fine. I want to thank you for being such a friend to me. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your love and kindness. Thank you so much Mimi.

You’re a friend that worths more than a sister or brother, I love you. Please don’t bother to call me, I would have sold my phone before you get this letter. hopefully we would see in the future. I once again want to tell you that I love love you . ” The letter dropped from Mimidoo’s shaky hands, she couldn’t believe what she had read.

“When did she leave? ” Mimidoo asked the security man.



“She left in the morning, she packed all her luggage. ” Samuel said. ” Who would blame her? Lillian tried, imagine being locked out anytime you step out of the house , or being locked inside the house all day like a kid? ” He asked.

“Madam Ada was very mean to Sister Lillian I just hope she finds a place comfortable for her and her daughter.” He said, Mimidoo was silent, she had not expected that sharp moves from Dooshima. She kept on calling Dooshima’s number but it was unreachable.

Dooshima went to Ushongo a local government near Gboko , she had sold her phone, and withdrew all the money in her account. All the cash on her came up to four hundred and twenty thousand naira.

She knew no one in Ushongo, but then fate led her to a restaurant woman.
“Good afternoon ma.” Dooshima greeted the slim and dark skinned woman.

“How are you my daughter?” the woman said with a business face. “What can I do for you? Do you want to buy food?” She asked Dooshima.


“No ma, I am looking for a house.” Dooshima tried to speak a clean Tiv dialect, the woman smiled, she understood, that she was an Ajebota.

“It’s okay you can speak english, You said you’re looking for a house?” she asked Dooshima.
“Yes ma I need a house.” Dooshima said, Shania was shifting on Dooshima’s back, struggling in her sleep.

“Bring her hands out. She’s not comfortable.” The woman said and pulled Shania’s arms out of the wrapper. “I’ve a woman I know she’s a kind woman I can take you to her.” She said, Dooshima’s heart basked with joy.

“Mary please take care of the shop let me take her to Mama Zuga’s house. Don’t go and leave my shop oh! ” she said her daughter ignoreed her, her attention was on her phone.

The house was in a big compound, owned by an old woman. Her son had built it for her. It hard aluminum roofing. She was a very fair woman, her skin was fair like an over ripe paw paw.


“Mama Terver what brings you to my compound? ” The old woman asked.
“Mama Zuga can’t I visit my father’s brother wife again?” she asked.

“Haaa mama Terver I never said so, but you never leave your market place, welcome Amos go and get a chair for mama Terver.” She called to her grandson.

“No need for that , no need I brought this young woman here , she’s looking for a house to rent. ” Mama Terver said, the old woman glared at Dooshima from head to toes. She didn’t have any formal education, but she understood psychology. She wanted to know if Dooshima would give her problem like her two tenant Prisca and Priscillia.

“Are you married? ” The old woman asked Dooshima, she hesitated for a while before she responded.

“No man I’m not married, I had my baby out of wedlock.” Dooshima said.
“What do you do for a living? ” the old woman asked.


“Mama nothing for now, but I hope to start a business anytime soon.” Dooshima said.

“I don’t want a woman that will be bringing in men. I’m tired of the twins leaving in the house already. ” she lamented. Dooshima liked the compound it was neat and had electricity supply.

“I promise you mama I won’t be bringing anyone here,Just my baby and I.” Dooshima said .

“Okay the house rent is seventy two thousand naira only. twenty four thousand naira for NEPA bill.” Mama Amos said. She was sitting on her wooden chair, back relaxed on the back rest. She used medicated glasses that gave her face a comical look. “You can pay in two installments.”

“Mama I want to pay now.” She counted the money and pause cash. Mama Terver helped her to get a painter who helped her repent the house and an electrician who helped her rewire the room.


Mama Terver took Dooshima to the local market where she buta a mattress, bedsheets and a wardrobe. , with a pots and plates. the painter helped her paint the house.

At the end of the day over two hundred and eighty thousand naira had been exhausted. Dooshima felt proud to have a place of her own. She had her own kitchen her own puts and plate. She felt fulfilled.

“Mrs Ada the regional manager is at the conference hall with the MD they want to see you.” Sonia a young bursty girl from customer care informed Ada.

“Me ? ” The lady nodded. “Are you not mistaking? ” She asked the lady.

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