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After being framed for rapping and $t..abbing his sister thirteen times, Raymon life took a big turn. He lost the people he call his parents, hope and everything. Spending two years in Jail, he became, rebellious, d.eadly and hot tempered… You don’t wanna mess with him.

He got adopted by a famous politician, who promised to try to help him but no one knows the mysterious reason behind it.. Raymond doesn’t care.

After avenging his sister’s de..ath by having bI.ood on his hand, it didn’t change anything. He was still paranoid, he got nightmare about his fked up life.


He tried distracting himself with college, alcohol and girls, he even got a therapist for himself but even with all of these.. his past still hunts him.

Not until he met her.

She is the true definition of beauty. She was smart, cute but sometimes ¢razy. A girl whose dream is to become a singer, her voice alone can capture your soul.

But she also have a ¢ruel past which was somehow connected to Raymond’s past.

Who is she?

Will she be able to heal him?

What really happened to them?

Why was their fate?




A guy laid lazily on his couch covering his face with the back of his palm. He woke up due to the several noise coming from his phone.

He stretched his hand to reach it but it fell instead.

“Fuck” He muttered. He lazily dragged himself up and his gaze went to his phone.

“Ah.. damn” he cursed again feeling the intense pain on his head. He looked around wondering how he got home last night. He sure drank a lot. Maybe his friend Thomas bought him home.

A heavy sigh escaped his lip. He picked his phone up only to see so many missed calls.

“What the h’ll” A click sound was heard as soon as he stood up but he ignored it. His head was spinning as went straight to the kitchen leaving his phone on his couch without checking who had called.

Raymond lives alone. His family is average not so rich, not poor either. He so much loved being around with girl spending some rich girls money all the way he wants it.

His attractive face alone can snatch a rich guy girlfriend not to talk of the sx on bed. He had a lot of women who gives him a lot of money, some even sent him to have vacation to any place he wants. He was only seventeen.

His dog barked as he was about to about to open his fridge. He took out his dog food.

“There you go.. Bruno” Ray named his dog after his favorite character in encanto. He still can’t believe he so much love that cartoon.

He was about to pull out a hangover drink for himself when he noticed the red dry stain on his hand. He drew his hand close and stared at it.

He tried so hard to remember what happened last night but the pain on his head didn’t allow him. He shrugged, grabbed the drink and gulped in one goal.

“Argh..” He groaned holding his neck which hvrt b.adly. Feeling a liquid content behind his neck, he frowned. His eyes grew wide seeing it a red stain again. He checked his cloth and he frowned deeper.

His grey shirt has some red stain on it too. Did someone pour a red drink on him last night? ‘Well fk them’ He thought to himself.

A loud knock interruptted his thought and his head snapped toward the door direction. Who the fk knock on his door like that? Do they need some lessons?

One thing about Raymond he is a bad tempered person. He clinched his jaw and dragged his lazy self towards the door while the door while the knock kept getting louder. He is seriously going to teach the person behind it some manners.

“Get on the floor!!!” His eye widened when a large gvn pointed at him as soon as he opened the door. He raised his hand in fear immediately. The police? There are five of them all armed.

“What..” He couldn’t finish his words as a heavy pvnch landed on his face bvrsting his lower lips. One of them h!t him again, pinned his head to the ground and began to handcuff him immediately. The other police rushed in and began to search his house.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He finally got the chance to speak.

“Shut up mvrderer!” The police pinning him yelled.

Mvrderer? What the heck did he just called him!

“I’ve got him” He informed through his radio. He forcefully dragged Raymond on his feet.


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