Remote Work Platform, Outsite Raises $1M In Funding

Outsite Raises $1M In Funding to provide a medium to long-term accommodation solution for remote workers who can work remotely, from anywhere. In the last two years, they’ve achieved 100% YoY revenue growth and raised $8.3M from Montage Ventures, Spark Growth Ventures, Structure VC, and real estate funds.

With annual revenue of $2,660,517, the company just recently raised $975,901 from the crowdfunding platform, Wefunder. 20% towards marketing and sales (social media, influencers, corporate sales), 23.1% towards tech, 19.1% for operations and customer service, 22.3% for expansion, 9% for Management, and 6.5% towards Wefunder fees.

Outsite Raises $1M In Funding

In 2023, their #1 priority is to consolidate the business by adding more properties where they already have the infrastructure. Nevertheless, Outsite also plans on entering new cities in Southern Europe, the US, and LATAM in the second semester.

Outsite started its journey a couple of years before the standardization of remote work allowing them to perfectly position its brand and operations standards to capture the requirements of digital nomads around the world.

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Outsite is now a robust global community of more than 3,600 members, using 50 spaces on 4 different continents! Every time I enter an Outsite, in whatever country, it feels familiar. Outsite has perfectly tackled the challenges of the remote worker market with strong operational standards and great brand positioning.

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