Chipper Introduces Chipper Business – Network API And Chipper Checkout

Africa’s major cross-border platform, Chipper introduces chipper business as part of its product pipeline for the expansion of its business model from consumers to business (Business To Business Model) B2B with the introduction of its API and payment gateway.

The company which boasts over $1.5 billion in transaction volume quarterly would be releasing its API railings via Chipper Network API which gives business owners access to over 5Mn+ KYC-verified customers. This product would empower merchants to accept payments and send payouts across borders.

Chipper Introduces Chipper Business - Network API And Chipper Checkout
Source: Chipper

You can also see Digital Bank, Kuda Set To Begin Operations In Pakistan after partnering with a Pakistan-based company. The API would also allow developers to integrate them into other digital products with simple and accessible dashboards.

Chipper Checkout allows the integration of the chipper payment gateway on any merchant site, using links and payment buttons with use cases like booking tickets, buying products, donations, in-game purchases, paying bills and invoices, subscriptions, and more on websites or apps.

With over five million users, and three hundred thousand visa cards issued, the company has grown exponentially since it commenced operations in 2020 making it among the top 6000+ companies to invest in.

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