Westley asked me on a date with him and I agreed .

Now we are sitting in an expensive restaurant while it’s raining heavily.

I was worried about Avery but later I knew she will be fine and I’m 100 percent sure that Mason will be at his side.

Today I decided to tell Westley about my feelings.

And I’m sure he’s going to feel the same way too because he’s also giving me the green light that he feels the same.

I was already feeling cold as I shivered under the AC.

“Cold,” I heard Westley say.

“I’m okay,” I replied.

But it was like Westley wasn’t buying it at all.

He removed his jacked, standing up, walking to me and putting it round me.

I smiled as I muttered a thank you.

“Westley there’s something I need to tell you”.

“What’s it?”.

“Y…you see I know you don’t remember me but you and I lived in the same neighborhood before “.

But he just looked at me weirdly as if he didn’t believe me.

“But that’s not what I want to tell you”.

I took a deep breath before saying.

“I love you ” I said with a smile on my face while his eyes went wide.

“I really do, I’ve loved you for a very long time but you never noti…..
“I don’t feel the same Hannah”

Immediately the smile on my face was wiped away


But he didn’t say anything.

I felt like time froze .

I tried not to cry but the tears just started to pour down.

I just stood up and walked out of the restaurant crying.

“Hannah wait”.

But I didn’t turn or stop

But then he held my hand making me stop.

I turned and looked at Westley with hatred.

I yecked my hand away from his hold

“Did you know I had feelings for you?”

But there was no reply.

“Answer me Westley” I screamed.

“Yes I knew”

That’s when I cried the most.

“You knew I had feelings for you and you played with my emotions. You kssed me at that party”.

“You acted as if I was your girlfriend, you almost killed Roy for dancing with me at the first party”.

“You even asked me on a date, knowing fully well that I like you”.

“Do I look like a joke to you, Westley?”.

The rain was pouring heavily hitting the both of us.

“Why Westley, why. Why the hell do you play with my feelings? You should have given the green flag when you don’t feel the same”.


Now I was crying really hard.

“Hannah, can I take you home first? It’s raining “.

He tried to touch me but I moved away .

“Don’t fking touch me, don’t ” I yelled.

I turned around walking back but Westley he’d my hand again.

“Get away from me , get the fk away from me” I screamed pushing him away.

“God, I thought you were different but you are just the same. You know Roy is better than you because we all know that he’s a playboy”.

“You act like a decent guy but you’re not. I expected this rubbish from Roy but not you “.

“I fucking hate you Westley, I hate you with every fiber of hair on my skin”.

“Hannah you don’t mean it , don’t say that”.

“I mean everything I said and don’t worry I’ll get rid of this feeling and move on with my life”.

I turned around and started to walk back .

But Westley stopped me again.

“At least let me drop you “.

“Westley if you touch me again swear now I’m being calm don’t make me hate you forever “.

He removed his hand from my shoulder as I walked away. I removed his jacket as it landed on the floor.

I cried as I walked home.

It hurts like hell, it hurts.

After an hour of walking I walked inside the room and saw Avery and Mason sleeping together in her bed.

A weak smile appeared on my face.

I closed the door behind me as I entered the bathroom.

I sat inside the bathtub crying silently not to wake Avery and Mason up.

I filled the bathroom with water and stayed there.

I could feel my body feeling so cold that I could care less.

It hurt, it fking do.

I don’t know how long I was there but my body couldn’t take it anymore as I passed out in the bathroom.




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