Ivy on the other hand would not stop looking at him in an awkward way, she was really surprised.

“Hey would you stop looking at me like that, I don’t mean any harm. The way you’re staring at me is really creepy” he said softly.


“Okayyyy” Ivy swallowed.

“So what is it you wanna say to me” Ivy found her courage to speak. This was immediately they sat down.

“Ehmm, I just needed to see you privately that was why I asked that we meet in the garden, coz here is really lonely” Chris said.

“Yeah obviously, almost everywhere in Crestfield is isolated” Ivy mumbled.

“Huh, what did you say” Chris asked squeezing his eyes.

“Never mind, never mind” Ivy said quickly.

“Oh okay, if you say so” he shrugged.

“One more question please” Ivy said quickly and softly.

“No probs, just go on” he urged.

“So why did you have to call first out of the four of you, or is that how it is programmed” Ivy asked, and Chris became confused.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I mean y’all sent Dominic to take my digits, and……..

“Oh, oh oh. You mean why was I the one that called first?” He asked understanding what she meant, and she nodded.

“Well a quick confession. I was the one that personally sent Dominic to you, none of my friends are involved”


“Yeah, I used that name coz I know you may not give it to him if he had told you I was the one” Chris explained, and Ivy became even more confused.

“But why? Why did you even ask for my digits?” She questioned, looking very confused.

“Look Ivy it’s nothing, I just want us to be friends. No need beating round the bush, I don’t want you to be scared of me anymore” he said and Ivy snapped at him.

“Really? Chris how do you even expect me to do that?” Ivy scoffed, she could not believe her ears.

“It’s not hard Ivy, if you just accept to be my friend you’ll…..

“Really, your friend” Ivy huffed, cutting him shut.
“Chris you literally brought this upon me.

All my mates would be present in their calls now in the next ten minutes to learn, but what about me? I’ll be at the library doing something that’s totally not my concern” Ivy started.

“I have practically missed so many of my lessons in the past weeks, just because of you and your guys. Test is coming up now, and I don’t even know what to write, also because of you guys.

I can’t even copy my own notes, why? Coz I’m busy doing that for some set of boys” Ivy poured out her mind, anger suddenly building up in her, and replacing the fear she was feeling a while ago. It has all disappeared.

“You mean it’s the notebooks that prevented you from attending class today?” Chris asked.

“Of course, what else” Ivy huffed angrily.

“I thought as much. Coz I did not see you in class today, and you did not mention it to me that you’re not gonna be in school when we spoke yesterday” Chris said.

“I was copying the notes at the library” Ivy sighed.

“So why then did you show up late? I completely thought you were absent from school, I was about leaving when you came in” Chris said calmly.

“I slept off in the library while copying the notes, coz I was really tired. I just woke up now” Ivy quickly said.

“Oh sorry about that” Chris cooed, and Ivy just remained silent.

“So about what I said, have you agreed to become my friend?” He asked, and Ivy snapped at him.

“I don’t understand, why do you wanna become my friend all of a sudden, I thought you hated me” Ivy said to him.

“Ivy that was then, I just realized that you don’t deserve all this things you’re going through” he replied.

“Really? So what about your friends, they still hate me, or have they also realized?” Ivy said sarcastically.

“Just forget about that Ivy, I will…………


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