“Ivy what’s going on, what’s with you and and the C4’s. What do you think you’re doing? Have you gone mad?” Alvin questioned, feeling so disappointed.

Courtney sat there feeling nothing but pity for her friend. It would have been better if she had told Alvin by herself, but she would not listen. This is so not good……


Leo on the other hand was feeling nothing but anger for the C4’s. What are they planning to do with Ivy, why would they be calling her at a time like this! Is this really called for? They are only trying to intimidate the poor girls coz they know they can.

“Look young lady, we don’t have much time to waste. I’ll appreciate it if you come with me now, and it would also be better for you” the guard said.

Ivy looked around nervously, and slowly she stood up, still with tears in her eyes. She looked at Alvin one more time before walking away with the guard.

Alvin was beyond surprised, shock was an understatement to what he was feeling. He was completely short of words, as he watched his sister follow the guard.

Sophia who has been quiet all along was also feeling pity for Ivy, but she wondered why Ivy would have something to do with the C4’s.

“She’s always acting tough, this kind of suits her anyway” Sophia thought.

Alvin sighed angrily, and then turned to Leo and Courtney.

“Did you guys know about this all along?” He asked looking so serious…..

The part where the guard said “she’s always with my young boss and his friends” kept replaying in his head, and it was driving him ¢razy.

“Uhmm Alvin calm down we……Leo was trying to talk, but Alvin quickly shut him up.

“I ask again. Did you or did you not know about this?” Alvin repeated, and they both nodded in agreement.

“Yes but….

“Leo I thought you cared for her, Courtney I thought you were her friend…. Alvin stared, staring at them with disappointment.

“All this while I thought it was you Leo, little did I know that the C4’s were the ones making her miss her classes. Do you have any idea what my sister could be passing through”

“You both knew about this but refused to tell me. Till when were you guys planning to keep this from me, till she dies and passes away” Alvin barked, and they both quickly shook their head.

“Nothing’s gonna happen to her” Leo assured, and Alvin scoffed.

“And how are you sure about that? Even if my sister was the one that asked you guys to keep it a secret, you should have ignored”

“Y’all should know by now how stubborn and adamant she is, she can’t even handle anything on her own. You would have come to me, you guys made a mistake.

If you guys had done this, I would have not been here to witness all this” Alvin poured out his heart.

“Hey babe calm down” Sophia cooed, trying to calm him down, but instead he fled up the more.

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down, don’t you dare tell me that. I won’t blame you at all, it is not your twin that is out there exposed to the hands of those dangerous he goats” he barked.

“You know what? I’m not gonna stay her and watch all this nonsense. I’m out of here” Alvin said and stood up on his feet, and then he stormed out of the cafeteria.


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