Ivy tried a bit in composing herself in class that day. It was beginning to get obvious to everyone that she had a problem, and she really wanted to hide it.

And so, she tried her best to do something about it. That was the reason she was trying to be cheerful in class that day.


Mr Fred asked Ivy to stay back during lunch break that day, he told her he wanted to speak to her.

When it was lunch break, Ivy went to him and he began talking to her.

He asked her to open up to him about what was going on with her, coz he knew something was bothering her. He really loved the way Ivy came prepared into the school, but now he was so worried about her sudden behavior.

In her first two tests she did really awesome, but the previous test she they wrote, her performance wasn’t what he expected at all. She did not do too well, and some of the students were ahead of her.

After all the persuading from Mr Fred, Ivy still refused to tell him about what was going on with her. Even when a part of her was telling her to speak up, that he’s a teacher and might help. She still refused to speak.

What was she supposed to say? “I’m suffering torture from the C4’s, and I need help” naaahhh.

Was he gonna be able to help? Coz she heard they were also above the teachers, and the teacher could question them. So she better bear her pain silently, coz she believes it would be over one day.

Teacher Fred let her since she refused, and he told her he really hoped everything was fine.

He knew all was not well, but he let her go hoping she would get over whatever she was passing through soon.

“Thank you!” Ivy said and walked out of the class.



Ivy heaved a sigh of relief when she got out of the classroom, coz she was free from his plenty questions.

She started heading outside, towards the field where she and Courtney always sat. She knew Courtney would be waiting for her already, so she walked briskly.

But on approaching the particular spot where they always sat, as was surprised to see Leo seated on the small bench with Courtney.

Leo has not been in school for days now, he only came around yesterday, and she did not also get the chance to see him. Today’s the first day she’s seeing him in a week.

It seems he and Courtney were having a conversation, and Courtney was blushing shyly, such that it could be seen from afar.

It was so obvious that Courtney was so in love with this guy, but she was never ready to admit it.

Even though it was written all over her.
On sighting her, Leonard quickly stood to his feet, sidelining Courtney.

“Hey Ivy, how have you been? I have really missed you” he said sincerely,and hugged her.

“Leo where have you been? What happened, why have you been absent from school for some days now?” Ivy asked.

“It’s a long story, let’s have a seat first” he said leading Ivy to the bench which Courtney was seated.

Leo really missed Ivy, and she was one of the reasons he could not wait to get back to school.

But Ivy on the other hand did not even miss him too much, coz of her current predicament. She was too sad to miss anybody, she spent most of her time thinking.

Courtney on her own was beginning to feel uncomfortable, coz she and Leo were having a conversation before Ivy came. But now, he doesn’t even care if she existed anymore.

She was feeling jealous, but she was also feeling angry about the fact that she was feeling jealous.

She’s not supposed to be jealous of Ivy at a time like this, she is going through pain and need as many shoulders she can get to lean on.

But she could not just help it. She’s always liked Leo, and now he’s pushing her aside just because of Ivy. This is so not good!!


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