They were almost done with their food, when the cafeteria became rowdy again. And just like the other day, so many people started leaving.

Ivy’s heart was in her hands, she hoped it isn’t what she was thinking. And Courtney on the other hand, was equally scared and worried at the same time.


She knew it was the C4’s, coz no one else would create a scene like that except them, now Ivy’s gonna blame her for anything that happens. But the C4’s never shows up like this, what’s up with them today, they just came last week.

Courtney turned to Ivy who was staring at her with wide eyes. All they needed to do now was run, and she prays nothing goes wrong in the process.

“Look Ivy, you’ll have to follow my steps let’s get outta here” Courtney said to her.

“What is going on? You told me they were not gonna show up, so what’s the meaning of this” Ivy asked in a whisper, fear clearly noticeable in her voice.

“I don’t know, they just showed up. This is not the time to argue, just follow my lead” Courtney said and Ivy nodded in fear.

Next Courtney stood up leaving her food, and so did Ivy. All the hunger she was feeling quickly vanished, and quickly they started walking away, avoiding eye contact with anyone of the C4’s.

They were successfully on their way out, when suddenly Courtney looked back and could not find Ivy anymore. She was feeling so scared, she panicked, and so she quickly screamed her name.

“Ivy!!” She shouted, unknowing to her that Ivy was beside her, also trying to escape.

Immediately Castillo heard that name IVY, he quickly snapped his head at the direction it was coming from, and there he saw her, trying to sneak out.

When he saw her, he released an evil smirk. Quickly, he instructed his body guard to bring her to him.

And immediately they walked to where she was, almost at the entrance of the cafeteria, they gently pulled her back, and Ivy screamed.

Seeing this, Courtney was shocked to the bone marrow. They had Ivy, like for real, they really took her away.

Then she quickly ran out of the cafeteria with fear and tears in her eyes, hoping to locate either Alvin or Leo, at least one of them could save Ivy.



Castillo smirked even harder when Ivy was set in front of him. He was seating on one of the chairs at a corner, with the rest of them beside him. And then they brought Ivy before them.

Castillo looked at her for sometime, and then cleared his throat before finally speaking.

“Ivy Crownway, you think you can run away from us. Oh that means you must be really smart” he teased, and the rest of the boys laughed including Chris.

Ivy was the main reason they came to the cafeteria today, as they thought that she would be here. And unfortunately for her, she was really there.

They stood at the entrance searching for her with their eyes, but they could not find her. They were almost thinking she did not come there, when Castillo suddenly heard her name, and his head quickly snapped to the direction.

That name sounded really fresh to his hearing, coz it was still ringing a bell in his head since last week. Coz since he went through that paper, the name’s been replaying in his head.

Luckily, he found her trying to escape. Now, she’s fallen into their trap, and she’s gonna pay dearly.

Ivy just squatted in front of them, not knowing her fate. She could not believe this was happening to her, she was in front of the C4’s, like right now.

She wanted to cry, but was too weak to do so,so she just bent there and hoped for the worst.


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