“What!, are you ¢razy!!” He yelled and Ivy was busy taking in his looks.

Gosh! He looks so handsome and expensive, everything he was putting on was looking so expensive.

“Are you blind! What’s your problem?” He yelled again. And that was when Ivy came back to her senses to see that he was insulting her, and she was never the one to take it.


“No why didn’t you watch were you were going? I had my eyes glued to a paper so I could not have seen you. But you, you saw me and still bumped into me, so obviously you’re the bind one” Ivy fired.

Back there in West High, if any thing like this happens they will both apologize and go their own way, but here he is calling her blind, even when he is at fault.

It wasn’t really a rumour, everyone in Crestfield
Is rude.

The handsome stranger kept watching her as she ranted all along, he was studying her.

She was really beautiful and had a smallish body physique, just the way he likes them. But he was too angry to notice now, all he felt like doing was sI.apping her pretty mouth.

Obviously, she doesn’t know who he was.

“You’re really foolish for spitting nonsense from your mouth” her barked, causing Ivy to gasp.

“I see you wanna get expelled from this school” he muttered icily, and Ivy couldn’t hold it back anymore.

Who does he think he is?

“Hey who do you think you are? You wanna expel me?” She laughed.

And just then few students started coming out, and some of them who heard what she told the strange guy, gasped.

And by now, the stranger was already fuming in anger.

A guy quickly rushed to where they stood and held her wrist. She was surprised and wanted to free her hand, but he tightened his grip, and the look he passed wasn’t a friendly one at all.

“Chris I am so sorry she is my friend and she just came in today, she does not know who you are.

So please I beg of you, forgive whatever she has done to you” the young guy who was holding her begged the handsome stranger whose name happened to be Chris.

But he just stood there glaring daggers at her without saying a word.

“Who is this guy and why is he commanding so much power like this?” Ivy thought to herself.

And this time it wasn’t funny anymore, coz the whole school seemed to be shocked by the way she spoke to him.

“Friend, aren’t you gonna apologize to him. He’s a member of the C4” the good guy said, but whispered the last part.

And then it dawned on her that she has been talking to a C4 all this while.

“Ivy why do you have to be so stupid, why didn’t you listen to what your brother said to you.

You could have just picked up your things and walked away, now you’re gonna be expelled on your first day at school” she scolded herself mentally.

The guy nudged her, and she quickly clasped her hands together, apologizing to him.

Oh God. Why didn’t she get who he was at least from his name Chris, since she didn’t know his face. She was never a fan of the C4’s, so she did not know their faces, and she wasn’t even interested in knowing.

She only knew Castillo just because he was so popular and you keep seeing him on any social media page you open, even when you don’t want to.

But the names, she knew they were Castillo, Canice, Collins, and Chris. Chris, this is the Chris which everyone knew as ruthless and rude.

Oh gosh, she’s d.ead! Why didn’t she read in between the lines?

“I’m sorry” she pleaded with puppy eyes.


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