After what seemed like forever, he put the phone off and placed it his pocket, ready to come out.

Immediately he stepped a foot on the ground, his black shinny shoe storming the ground with power, students started screaming all over the place.


Slowly, he came out fully as he dropped the other foot on the ground. He adjusted his shoulders with a proud look on his face, the cool evening breeze touched his skin and blew part of his hair. While his eyes was busy scanning the whole place.

He was putting on a black turtleneck top and black pants, and he had a brown hairy scarf around his neck. His black shoes were so shinny, you needed no one to tell you they cost a fortune.

The screaming increased as he stepped away from the door and took his position in front of the three guys, and the students still continued screaming.

They were about moving when a young slutty girl ran out. Jeez she was dressed like a harlot, and she had excessive make up on. She got to where Castillo was and held his arm in a possessive manner.

Who the h’ll was this girl????

It was no other than Cassie, the school queen bee, the only girl with the permission to touch or go close to Castillo.

So many ladies including Madison had big frowns on their face, while some did not mind actually, as they continued screaming.

Castillo did not even behave as if he was being touched, or even spared her a glance. He still had that cold and blank expression on his face, and he kept looking straight.

Ivy could not deny it, he looked more handsome in person. His face was so cute just like that of a baby, jeez! This is the definition of handsomeness.

He started moving with Cassie still holding his hands, while others followed. Plenty students were drooling as they continued screaming, and when they got close a student fainted, and she was carried out.

“What nonsense” Ivy scoffed. And Madison was just busy staring at him like a zombie.

So many students were trying to touch him, but they were prevented by the bouncers. They were not allowed to touch him.

And at this time now, the once coordinated house became so rowdy again, students left their seats to go close. And this time the bouncers could not stop them anymore, Madison and Davina were also among the crowd.

A certain girl was crying so hard, she just wanted to touch Castillo, just a touch. But he looked at her and ignored her, then he continued moving and some bouncers dragged her away.

What an annoying soul!

It so much pained Ivy that people were giving them attention this much, little wonder they acted and felt so important. Useless beings!

Cassie kept throwing glares at female students trying to get close, even after the bouncers prevented them, she kept glaring at them.

All this Cassie was doing made Madi extremely furious, all she wanted was to go there now and drag her away from Castillo. Who gave her the right to touch him, she was feeling so jealous and angry right now.

Chris, Collins and Canice were also getting attempts of touch from so many people. And when they were almost getting to their seat, Collins smacked a girl on her bttocks, and she smiled broadly.

Gosh! Ivy was feeling irritated at the way the female students threw themselves at this fools, it was just so annoying.

They finally got to where their seats ware located, and they took their various seats at the front.

The over crowded students that littered everywhere when the C4’s got close, that the bouncers could not even hold back, started returning to their seats on their own accord.

Some of the stubborn ones that still wanted to get a view stayed back, but unfortunately they were whipped by the bouncers to return to their seats. Everyone was to settle down now.

Madison returned to where Davina and Ivy were seated in anger. Davina and Madi had joined the crowd in going close to them, but when the C4’s got seated, Vina returned to her seat.

Madi refused to go back, she wanted Castillo to notice her by all means. But unfortunately, she was among those that got whipped by the bouncers, and that was when she returned to her seat.

Ivy was seated there all through. She only stood up when they got close to her table so she could get a view of them, and she immediately sat down afterwards.

“It’s okay Madi, cheer up” Ivy consoled angry Madison as she took a sip from her glass of wine.

The party was just about to begin fully.


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