“What do you mean? Courtney’s not like that, she can join us and we’ll be one” Ivy said and Madison huffed.

“Why are you behaving as if you don’t Ike her?” Ivy questioned looking at Madison in a funny way.

“She’s the one who doesn’t like me. I mean I can see it” Madison mumbled.


“Come on Madi, why would you think like that. Courtney’s just like the sweetest thing on earth. Unlike the rest of the students here, she’s really friendly and she’s not a spoilt brat like the rest of them here”

“She’s a kind of friend everyone would like to have, she’s different, she’s the one making me find Crestfield interesting.

She’s been with me through my hard time in this school, I really really love and appreciate that soul” Ivy said, meaning every single word that came out of her mouth.

“Oh wow! Just wow! I can see you’ve got a new bestie now, I and Vina are no longer your class” Madison teased.

“Oh no no no, it’s not like that” Ivy rushed at her.

“No no, keep showering praises on her, it’s allowed” Madison said and Ivy laughed.

“Stop it already Madi. You should know that I’ll never trade you and Vina for anyone else in this world” Ivy said hugging Madison from behind, and she smiled.

“Alright fine” madi said, releasing her already frowned face.

“This school’s really big and beautiful Ivy” Madi commended, after some minutes of silence. Looking around.

“Yeah it is” Ivy simply replied.

“So tell me, how have the school been? Do you find it interesting?” Madison asked.

“Well it’s been cool, but I prefer West High” Ivy shrugged.

“I’m not shocked, I knew you’d prefer West High. You’re just so local” Madison hissed.

“Whatever!” Ivy rolled her eyes.

“What about the C4’s, are they still in this school?” Madison suddenly asked, and Ivy chuckled.

“Of course, where else would they be? Have you forgotten that this is the biggest school in the whole of LA. They’ve not graduated yet” Ivy replied.

“That’s good news. This means I still have a chance to meet with Castillo” she smiled.

“So you’re still not over this your so called obsession for Castillo” Ivy huffed.

“And why is that? He is the reason I came to this school. My reason for coming to this school, or ever wanting to come is all because of him” Madison said firmly.

“You’re clearly obsessed Madi” Ivy said sounding so disappointed.

“No I’m not” she quickly replied.

“Yes you are” Ivy fired.

“I’m not, I’m in love, love Ivy. Haven’t you heard of the word love?” She corrected.

“Whatever Madi, I just pity you, that’s all I can say. Do you really think Castillo would even notice you?……

“Ivy please, let’s not start. You have no right to say anything, we’re finally here, let’s see how it goes” Madi said already starting to get annoyed.

“Alright, alright” Ivy said raising her hands in mock surrender.

“Like you said, we’re here, and it will all happen in our eyes” Ivy added.

She was just feeling sorry for Madison. She doesn’t even know anything about the guy she’s dying for, he would not even care about her existence.

If only Madison knows about the fool she was crushing on. Well maybe, just maybe if she gets to see how much of a fool Castillo is, she’ll obviously kill that nonsense she feels for him.

Deep down, Madison was already angry.

This is not as Ivy thinks, she’s here for serious business this time around. Castillo’s finally gonna be hers, and nothing would stop that.


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