“What’s with you and the sour mood today?” Madi nudged Ivy.

They were seated in the cafeteria, having their lunch.

“And why’re you picking your food? You used to love chicken kebab but you don’t even seem to be interested in it today” Madi added, and Ivy just simply forced a smile.


“I don’t have appetite for food today” she answered.

“Really? So you don’t have the appetite for learning too?” Madison scoffed.

“What do you mean?” Ivy huffed.

“I noticed you in class today, you were not writing neither were you paying attention. You just seemed to be lost, Ivy what’s the matter with you? This is so unlike you” Madi asked with concern.

“Like I said, it’s nothing” she sighed tiredly.

“And you don’t expect me to believe that, do you?” Madi huffed.

“She’s dropping out of school!” Vina who had been quiet the whole time spoke up. And Madison quickly gasped and turned to Ivy.

“Ivy, is that true?” She swallowed.

“And how did you know about that? Coz I don’t remember telling you anything” Ivy turned to Vina.

“Alvin told me about it” she simply responded.

“That big mouth” she mumbled.

“So it’s really true Ivy, you’re really dropping out of school” Madison said sounding so surprised.

“Yeah, I guess it is” she shrugged.

“But why in the world are you dropping out of school Ivy? You’re one of the brightest student here in West High, so why the hell are you doing this?” Madison questioned.

“Really? So you think I would want to drop out of school, just like that, on my own.

Come on girl! You of all people should know me, you should know how close I am with my books”

“I love my studies more than any other thing, and I would give up the world for it. And you really think l would take that decision on my own?” Ivy voiced out.

“So what’s the reason Ivy? What’s your reason for wanting to drop out of school?” Madi asked.

“You remember my grandmother right?” Ivy breathed.

“Yeah, the one who’s down with diabetes” Madison responded quickly.

“Yeah she’s seriously ill, her illness has gotten to the final stage, and it’s costing my dad a lot of money. So I have to drop out of school coz he does not have the funds” Ivy explained.

“Awwn, that’s so sad I’ll miss you so much. How I wish there was a way I could reverse this, I would have done it” Vina said in a sad tone, feeling really concerned.

“It’s okay Vina, I just pray she responds to treatment and gets back on her feet soon, maybe then I might be able to come back to school” she shrugged.

“This is not right Ivy. How would you sacrifice your education for that old lady, she’s old already and deserves to die” Madison mumbled the last part.


“What? It’s not like I’m lying anyway” she rolled her eyes.

“You do realize It’s my grannie we’re talking about here”

“Hmpph, whatever!” She rolled her eyes again.

“But I’m going to miss school, I can’t imagine myself staying away from school. What would I be doing at home” she sighed.

Madison looked at her and exhaled deeply before speaking.

“There’s this new job opportunity that my dad’s applying for, and If he gets it it’s gonna be huge.

The thing is I just pray I pass my scholarship exam, that way I can assist you.

Instead of paying my fees, my dad could pay yours” Madi said trying to show concern, and Ivy stifled a laugh.

It took everything in her not to release that laugh. This isn’t the time to laugh and argue, it isn’t really the moment.

This is the same scholarship she’s been striving for years now.

“It’s okay Madi, I know you care about me, but trust me I’ll be fine” she forced a smile.

“Waittttttt! I have an idea” Vina spoke up again for the second time, as her eyes lit up.

“Oh no, not again! Just forget about it” Ivy breathed tiredly.

“No Ivy you have to listen to me” she half yelled.

“Okay fine, let’s hear it” Madi sighed.

“You talked about getting the scholarship and your dad assisting Ivy right?” She asked turning to Madison.

“Uhmm yeah” Madison answered carelessly.

“So instead of that, why not sit for the exams Ivy”


“Yeah it’s a scholarship exam right? Once you pass the examination you’ll automatically become a student of Crestfield without paying a dime, think about it” she beamed.

“Oh no no no, that’s a bad idea. What if I eventually pass the exam, what would happen next?” She asked and Vina huffed, eyeing her.

“No no no Vina, you of all people should know how much I hate Crestfield, in fact I detest that school” Ivy spat.

“Ivy you don’t have to talk like this, this is not matter of what you like and don’t like.


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