PROLOGUE & Episode 1

Ivy Crownway is a young teenager of seventeen, she lives together with her parents and her twin brother. Alvin Crownway.

They were middle class people, her parents were not rich enough to give her a lavishing life. But they were comfortable.


She attends a big and nice school not far away. WEST HIGH SCHOOL….and she so much loved her school, and the people in it.

While some of her wealthy uncles sponsored Alvin, and took care of his education, in order to lift a little burden off her parents.

Thus he attended the most popular and expensive school in the whole of LA “CRESTFIELD HIGH SCHOOL”

That school was known as a school for the fearless, it wasn’t a school for weaklings at all. It was rumored to be a tough school, known for waywardness and bvllying. And most especially, they were feared because of the C4’s.

The C4’s were group of boys, which were four in number. Castillo, Chris, Canice and Collins.

Castillo- the dangerously quiet, but arrogant brat.

Chris- the ruthless and wicked one, with a stony heart.

Canice- the book warm………and…..

Collins- the play boy.

They are known as the handsome but dangerous four. They had the power to expel whoever from the school.

They were known around the country, the C4’s was one name everyone heard of. And that was one of the main reasons why Crestfiled was the most popular school.

Coz it was the residence of the C4’s.

This group was led by Castillo Walter, the only son of the most influential minister in the country. Minister Pedro Walter.

Castillo was a spoilt brat who got whatever he wanted, and being the only child of his parents, made it more awkward.

He was eighteen years of age, and had a really charming look. Despite the way he behaves, he had lot of girls crushing on him, both in crestfield and other high schools in the country. As he was a public figure.

And so many female students could give up anything just to see him, talk much more of touching him.

But he was not that interested in ladies, he just loved being free.

He did wrongs and got away with it freely. And no one, no student, no teacher, not even the principal could question his actions.

The C4’s were known for their notorious deeds. They all were all sons of important persons. Either the son of a politician, or a wealthy business tycoon.

Their job was to intimidate and expel unlucky students who fell into their trap. They were greatly worshipped, and feared. At the sounds of their boots, students flee.

The school was ordinarily known for bvllying, coz it was full of rich spoilt hoodlums, who go about oppressing weaker students.

But pray not to fall into the hands of the C4’s…..

They were both wicked and dangerous, and they got away with whatever they did.

They do not go about looking for trouble, but when you step on their toes….they crush without mercy. And no matter how wealthy you are, you’ll be helpless before them.

They would trouble you for the rest of your days in Crestfield, that you’ll be forced to sign out. Or they simply kick you out themselves.


Meet Cassandra, the school buzz bee, popularly known as Cassie.

Her father was also an influential minister, and a good friend of Mr Pedro Walter, Castillo’s father.

She was the only female who could be seen around Castillo, and this made her the school queen bee.

She moved around with two girls. Annabella and Natasha, causing nuisance and parading as Castillo’s girlfriend, which she was not. As Castillo had no time for such.


Along the line, Ivy’s grandmother became so ill, and her dad had to bring her over for treatment.

The illness became severe and was gradually sucking her dad dry. So Ivy had to drop out of school in order for her grannie to receive treatment. Coz there was no funds for her to continue.

Ivy felt really sad, but all hope was not lost, as the yearly scholarship examination to be admitted into Crestfield was forthcoming…….

Ivy sat for the examination even when she hated the school, coz she had no other option. And surprisingly, she passed the examination, and was given a scholarship into Crestfield high.
Her parents were so happy that their daughter had gotten admission into the best school in town.

But Ivy was far from happy, as she hated the school. And the awful things Alvin always told her, made her hate and fear the school more.

She hated the school more because of the so called C4’s. Their doings annoy her greatly, and their guts irritated her.

She felt someone had to put them in their place, she hated the fact that everyone talked about them. And even her friends in school were not exempted.

Ivy was a weak and scared person deep down. But she loves to act all tough and fearless. She was stubborn and held on to her ego so tight. She would not let anyone step on her toes.

And as the weak and stubborn person she was, she could never cope with that school, coz she so much loved her formal school and friends.

Having no other option, she accepted the admission and started the school.

But just on the first day at school, she had an encounter with one of the C4’s………. An experience that changed her whole life in school………..

What happens when she gets on the bad side of the C4’s?

What happens when the to..rture from the C4’s became so unbearable?

What happens when she became the talk of the school?

Would Crestfield make her strong or weaker?

Could she make any friends?

Would she be able to stand up for herself?

Will there be a change in the character of the C4’s?

What more is she gonna face in Crestfield?

Would she be able to bare everything?

Find out the the interesting series of :



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