By Summer Gold R


“Svcking your bbs” Noah replied bluntly and Birdie’s eyes grew wide.

“Huh?” She asked again.

“You heard me” Noah muttered.


“But….that’s really going to make the pain go away?” Birdie asked shyly and Noah nodded with a wink.

Birdie bite her lips and said nothing,she stared at him nervously as he gently started unbuttoning the shirt she was putting on,he looked up at her.

“Should I stop?” He asked.

“Why?” Birdie asked.

“I’m not going to do it if you don’t want me to” Noah said and Birdie shook her head.

“I want to know how it feels like,go on” She said flushing and Noah chuckled.

He finished unbuttoning and the fresh pink tips stared at him in return,he almost got a hard on while looking at them.

They aren’t so big but not so small either,just the medium perfect size,so fking pretty to look at.

The pointed tips are something to write about.

“Gosh,you’re so pretty love bug” Noah groaned.

“Me or those?” Birdie asked,pointing at her bbs.

“You” Noah said and Birdie smiled,he touched the left one and Birdie held her breath,right…it’s the first time someone aside her would be touching her and just that little touch felt so sweet.

Noah kssed her tummy first and began moving up till he finally captured those pretty looking tips into his mouth.

Birdie bite her lips,her eyes went closed as Noah gave her the perfect svcking.

“Oh” She couldn’t control that sound that came from her.

Noah bite her tip gently and Birdie gasped,he gave the second one a squeeze.

Birdie became lost,she never thought there’s so much pleasure in this….she wanted more,she wanted him to do more.

She didn’t know when she started stroking his hair,the way his lips were moving around her tips made her feel so hot.

Noah raised his head and their eyes met.

“Do you like that?” He asked in a tiny whisper and Birdie nodded shamelessly.

“I want more” She said without thinking and Noah chuckled.

He captured her lips instead and kssed her deeply before breaking it again,he went for her second nipple and continue sucking,Birdie never wanted him to stop.

“Hey….if I don’t stop now….I’m never going to stop again” Noah mumbled and Birdie looked at him.

“You won’t??” She asked.

“I won’t,but I don’t want to do stuffs with you now” Noah said.


“Because you’re not ready” Noah replied.

“How do you even know that?” Birdie asked.

Noah smiled and kissed her lightly.

“Let’s sleep,I’m really going to sleep this time around,but let me be this way” Noah said and placed his head on her chest.

Birdie smiled.

“Now it feels like I really have a boyfriend” She uttered.

“Really? Because of this?” Noah asked.

“No,everything feels like that,not just this” Birdie muttered and Noah smiled.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to work tomorrow please….”

“I’m fine,I promise. I need to go” Noah said.

“You can’t…..”

“I said I’m fine,just trust me” Noah said and Birdie rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry,I will make it up to you,I promise” Noah mumbled and closed his eyes.


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