By Summer Gold R.



Birdie opened her eyes slowly and the brightness of the room hit her face,she almost closed her eyes again when suddenly she gasp and sat up instantly. She looked around the room,there’s no sign of Noah .

“Where did he go to?” Birdie said softly and got down from the bed,she removed her hoodie and tied it around her waist,leaving just her blouse,as she walked past the mirror she turned again to check her face.


She removed her hair tie and brushed gently with her fingers,after that she tied it back again.

She made to leave and found Noah standing just by the door,she flinched in shock and moved back before touching her chest.

“You scared me” She muttered,looking at him.

“Do I look scary?” Noah asked.

“No,that’s not it. I just…..wasn’t expecting you to be behind me” Birdie explained.

“Shouldn’t you leave?” Noah asked.

“Ah….” Birdie checked the time and then looked at him again.

“Do you feel better? I was worried last night” She said.

“Did Axel really called you?” Noah asked and Birdie nodded.

“How did you leave your house that late? What if something happened to you?” Noah snapped.

‘Gosh he didn’t complain last night’ Birdie said inwardly but didn’t speak up.

Noah moved closer to her and held her hand,he placed some dollars in her palm and Birdie looked up in confusion.

“Thank you” He muttered as if he was forced to say it.

“No,I ……….”

“Go,your granny will be worried already” Noah said and Birdie bite her lips.

“Do you think I’m doing this because of money?” She suddenly asked and Noah raised his brows.


“Why are you giving me money? So I can stay away from you? To get rid of me?

Are you trying to tell me…’re paying me because I came here last night and slept over,you think this is all about money?” Birdie asked hurtfully.

“Geez,such a child” Noah scoffed.

“I hate it when you call me a child or a kid too…..”

“Then what are you? An old woman?” Noah asked in a mocking voice.

“If you’re not a child,what the héll do you think the money is for? It’s for transport of course” Noah said and Birdie looked at her hand,the money was too much to be called a transport fee.

She removed just one of the 100 dollars notes,she grabbed his hand and put the rest in it.

“This one is enough for my Transport in two months and even three,from my house to the restaurant is just two dollars” Birdie muttered.

“Then why can’t you just take all and keep it somewhere safe?” Noah asked in confusion

“Because I want to keep coming here,i’m afraid you might ask me to stay away from you if I take all” Birdie replied and Noah groaned,he roughed his hair and looked at her.

“You’re such a drama princess” He said and Birdie frowned.

“It’s supposed to be drama queen not princess” She said.

“You’re not old enough to be a queen,manage that for now” Noah replied and Birdie frowned.

“Stop delaying and leave” Noah dropped the money on the nearest shelf and walked away.

Birdie also went out of the house.

“How can he give me such amount of money for transport? I didn’t even ask him for money did I?” She scoffed.


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