Redefining The Concept of Multitasking

Multitasking is a term that is commonly misunderstood. It is often considered a stressful activity that reduces performance due to the short time frame involved in accomplishing multiple tasks. Experts have, however, discovered that these ideas are misconceptions with no factual proof.


Fascinating research has revealed that busy periods of multitasking, often the kind of activities we would rather avoid, fuel our subsequent creativity. The spillover effect caused by our hectic jobs can precipitate the generation of original ideas. 

Creativity, more often than not, requires that we try together differing thoughts and ideas. Simply put, we can profit from an additional diffuse mindset as opposed to a strict focus. We know that impact is made when people come together to deliberate opposing ideas. Furthermore, differing perspectives improve versatility and creative thinking. 

Shimul Melwani, professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flager Business School, US, posited that ‘when people are holding two separate pieces of information in their head, they’re somehow able to act and engage in more creative ways.’ We can compare the same effect with Multitasking. 

Another effect of Multitasking is it leads to an energized and alert feeling. Our physiology also attests to this fact; when we endeavor to carry out more tasks, our heart rate tends to increase. Researchers have surmised that such energy can equally strengthen the generation of ideas. ‘It could increase our sense of efficacy,’ says Melwani.

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Multitasking is recognized as one significant way to make headway at work and home. It is an essential part of work in today’s technology-driven world. Acknowledging these inherent advantages that accompany Multitasking might provide us with the opportunity to frame our busiest moments positively.

Mercy Owoseni
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