Shock and surprise was an understatement to Moanna right now.

If anyone would have told her a day like this will come, she’d have called the person a bloody liar.

Jeremy is in love with her?.. the greatest playboy in Mexico city.. the same guy who bluntly said he will never fall in love.. is the same guy confessing to her. is this even real?.


As she stared at Jeremy she felt her body shaking not because she was afraid of what he said but the beating of her heart made her that way.

Jeremy was looking at her like he wanted to pierce into her heart and hear her thoughts.

For good complete two minutes she didn’t uttered a word, the saliva in her mouth suddenly became sticky gumming her mouth, her throat becoming dry like a desert.

“Anna, you don’t feel the same way?” He asked fearfully.. the thought of she rejecting him was already klling him.

“It’s obvious, you don’t feel the same way towards me?, tell me” He asked again but this time tears were already in his eyes waiting for the perfect moment to stream out.

When no response came from Moanna, Jeremy gave the tears the permission to come out.

He turned back dejectedly, painfully, heart bleeding and started walking towards the door exit..

Moanna eyes were on him and suddenly she came back to her senses and in a flash with a speed like that of a supernatural being.

She hugged his waist and he abruptly stopped.

Her tears started coming out, damping his shirt from behind.

“Don’t leave me Jeremy, don’t walk out of that door” She said.

“Anna” He called in a cracked voice, unsure if she was the one holding him.

“Yes, I love you so much” She said the only words that could heal Jeremy’s bIeeding heart and just like magic his shattered heart started forming back again, the blood started leaving completely.

Slowly like a speed of a standing fan lacking full supply of electricity, he turned and faced her.

Their eyes met straight and they began staring, their tears doing the other talk for them.

For a minute they said nothing to each other, steady staring and pounding of hearts, making a sensually sweet music of love.

She was smiling inwardly, if some months back someone told her she will fall so hard for this angel in front of her, she would have place a bet against it.. but the heart is a king of it own, now she has being drown in his pool, his river, his ocean of deep love.

He slowly started raising his hand and her eyes were on the hand as it raised slowly, her eyes followed every moment of it till it landed on her soft plumpy cheek and her eyes closed, groomed in pleasure.

“Why didn’t you say something the moment I confessed?” He asked with pure sxiness in his voice.. the only voice that can make her body to react.

“I was shocked” She replied sincerely.

“I myself I was shocked when I realized my feelings for you, but it’s real” He said rubbing his little finger on her cheek.

She opened her eyes and smiled beautifully at him, making his heart to raced a thinned miles.

“I tried getting rid of my feelings for you but my heart made me to learn in the hardest way, I love you more than my life Jeremy Wealth” She said and he smiled.

“I promise to love you, only you, starting from today, I’m not a playboy anymore, I will only talk to my mother and your mum, I won’t talk to any girl unless you will give me the permission” He said with all seriousness.

Moanna started laughing.

“Dummy, what about your customers?” She asked still laughing.

“I will stop serving with my workers” He said.

“My heart choose to trust you,, please don’t break me”.

“I’d rather die than make a strand of tear to fall from your eyes” He said.

“My boyfriend is so ro..mantic” She said and wrapped her hands around his waist.

She placed her head on his chest and he hugged her body, gumming it with his… both inhaling their scents.


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