Top 10 Most Profitable Digital Saving Platforms

Saving is one major lifestyle of every individual who earns monetarily in one form or the other, in today’s digital age micro-savings are no longer done using a piggy bank (kolo). Individuals can now save using these top 5 most profitable digital saving platforms.

Initially, a Social Security Number (SSN) wasn’t needed to allow smartphone users to register and start saving but now it’s required, Instead of just saving, opportunities have been provided for users to also invest their money instead of just saving it with little or no interest. so let’s dive in

10 Most Profitable Digital Saving Platforms

Here are the top 5 most profitable online saving platforms;

1. Payvost

Payvost is an impact-driven global startup that creates financial solutions for a community of individuals and organizations that are committed to long-term growth and financial freedom in alignment with the Global Startup License. (GSL) The company has grown to become one of the top platforms for saving and investing in the world.

most profitable saving platforms
Interest Rates for Payvost

Interest is accrued daily with rates between 12.5 to 17% per annum.

Savings Plans for Payvost

Crowdyvest offers different savings plans.

  • Flex – The Flex Plan allows you to save and withdraw your funds anytime you want. Save and watch your money grow.
  • Vault – The Vault Plan allows you to lock in a fixed amount for a number of months and get your interest paid upfront.
  • Pace – Set and meet targets with recurring automated deductions on your locked plan starting from 3 months.

2. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is one of the first and most popular fintech organizations, the app which was formerly called piggy bank started in 2016 with an Android app before later expanding to ios.

the application offers great investment opportunities for its users with over 35% investment returns majorly on agro-investment. and their interest rates are also reasonable with several referral and savings bonuses.

3. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is yet another good alternative to piggy vest in terms of investment flexibility and saving withdrawals. There is also a popular platform majorly targeted to students and micro-business owners.

The platform allows you to save by setting up automatic deductions during certain periods or dates i.e. if you’re to collect your salary on the 30th of every month, an automatic deduction can be set using your bank credit or debit card.

4. Opay

Opay is a mobile payment platform majorly for sending and receiving money in Nigeria. it has definitely made it to our top list of most profitable online saving platforms with a high rate of interest on savings.

The app is currently available on the play store and AppStore and it’s one major saving and investment app I would recommend you to try, as it offers various investment opportunities.

5. Preficent

Palmpay is one of the leading finance merchandise in Africa with the most sophisticated investment platform, online store, ticket management, and payment transfer merchants in Nigeria.

it’s also a credit facility app making it one of the 10 Most Profitable Startups To Invest In and is available for Android, ios, Mac, and Windows. These platforms are majorly used for cooperative investment and merchant gateways.

6. Pettysave

Pettysave is a reliable platform where smartphone users can save and invest with great customer support and reasonable investment returns.

It has a great user experience interface and automated deduction can be set, all you have to do is register/sign up and start saving. The platform also creates an opportunity for crowdfunding.

Flexibility may differ on various platforms and which would suit you is what matters. The information above is concluded based on various factors as it may change from time to time.

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In conclusion, the world of digital saving platforms is replete with opportunities for individuals to take control of their financial destiny. Each of the top 10 platforms mentioned above brings its unique strengths and advantages, catering to diverse financial goals and preferences.

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