I watched as Avery and her friend came in the party and she was super hot.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her and that weird feeling came again

I continue to stare at her and when our eyes met with me smoking my heart began to race.


She tore her eyes away from me because of her friend who was smiling and laughing with her.

To be frank I hated his presence around her.

I saw the way he looked at her and this feeling of anger was boiling inside me

“What’s wrong with me” ? I mummered to myself.

I continue smoking but Westley remove the pipe from my mouth.

“Come on dude, you can’t just be smoking all the time”.

“I saw the way you were looking at her. Are you into her”?

“Hell no”, I answered immediately.

“I have a girlfriend remember”

“Love doesn’t know that Mason”.

“Come on, let’s go play truth or dare and have some fun”.

“I don’t want to Westley”, I’m tired.

“Come on Mason”.

I knew it was useless for me arguing with Westley

I was about to stand up when I saw Avery being pulled to the kissing booth.

She was immediately blindfolded.

I didn’t know why I stood up immediately making my way there but Westley held me.

Then the guy she was with some minutes ago was standing in front of her.

I looked around for her Best friend to stop him from kissing her.

I don’t know why I didn’t want him to kiss her.

But I didn’t see her best friend.

Then he moved closer to her and I removed my hand from Westley.

I walked towards them and grabbed her hand and there was a loud gasp.

I dragged her to an empty room before letting go of her hand.

She removed her blind fold and when she looked at me she was shocked.

“What are you doing here”?

“Why did you bring me here”?

“You should be thanking me because I just saved you from getting kssed” .

“Ohh thank you I really appreciate”.

“Do you know the guy that wanted to kiss me”?

I hated the fact that she wanted to know who the person was.

“No I don’t”, I said feeling irritated.

Okay and then we fell into an awkward silence.

The door opened and Westley and her best friend were standing there.

“Dude what was that all about”?

He pulled me out of the room and we walked outside.

“What was that all about”?

People are really shocked and you should hear the hate comment they are throwing at her.

“Why did you pull her from letting the guy kiss her”?

“I don’t know okay, I don’t know why I did that”.

“Don’t lie to me mason I’ve seen the way you look at her”.

“I’m serious, I don’t know why I did it”.

“I just didn’t want him to kiss her and I’m sure she also didn’t want to kiss that guy”.

There was silence,

Westley kept looking at me before he mummered an okay.

“Let’s go inside”.

“You go I’ll meet you inside later”, I said.


Avery Nelson

As Mason and Westley went out I looked at Hannah.

“What did he do to you”?

I ignored Hannah question immediately.

“Hannah, did you see the guy that wanted to kiss me”.

“No,I went to the bathroom and as I was going back I saw mason pulled you this room”.

“Ohh, he saved me from that guy kissing me”.

“Wait, what!”

“He did what”?

“He saved me”.

“Ohh My God, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking of”.

“Hannah nothing happened and it’s not what you are thinking of”.

“Come on let’s just go and do some just dance downstairs”.

I followed Hannah downstairs and I decided to sit and watch as Hannah dance .

I looked outside and I saw mason who was standing outside with a cigarette between his lips.

I couldn’t help but stare at him. He looks so handsome.

Yeah , I know he has always being my crush for a very long time but it was just mutual feelings.

Since the day we were both locked in the library as he helped me with my fear my heart has been missing a beat .

Now that he was close to me I found it hard to say a thing but thank God he didn’t notice.

Snap out of it Avery, he has a girlfriend that he loves so much.

Yes he does you don’t need to think about him.

“Avery”, Hannah said pulling me out of my thoughts

“Try playing a game”.

“I think I’ll prefer to sing”.

I took the mic and searched for the song lyrics I wanted to play.

Let me down slowly.

I took a deep breath Because people were already staring at me.

I closed my eyes as I began to sing.

This night is cold in the kingdom
I can feel you fade away
From the kitchen to the bathroom sink and
Your steps keeps me awake.

Don’t cut me down, throw me out , leave me here to waste
I once was a man with dignity and grace
Now I’m slipin’ through the cracks of your cold embrace
So please, please

I closed my eyes as I sang the remaining part of the song.


As I reached the last part of the song

If you wanna go then I’ll be so lonely
If your leaving baby let me down slowly.

I opened my eyes and people around me began to clap.

🗣️ She’s a good singer

🗣️ I love her voice

🗣️ She should become a singer one day

I heard a lot comments and as I looked outside mason wasn’t there again.

I don’t know why I really wanted him to hear to sing.

“You sound so amazing Avery”.

“Some people even did a video of you , you are amazing”.

“Thanks Hannah”.

“Now let’s go back upstairs and have some fun”.

As we went upstairs I could see people eyes on me .

Some of them with smile while some were angry .

I guess it’s because of what happened earlier.

“I see people playing truth or dare let’s go”.

Before I could say anything Hannah dragged me and pulled me to sit on the floor

My eyes met with Mason who was also there

The bottle began to spin and a lot of girls kept picking dare.

Some were praying for the bottle to meet one of the A4.

The bottle finally met Hannah.

“Truth or dare”, someone asked.

“Truth”, Hannah replied

“Do you have a crush presently”?

Hannah blushed a little before she nodded her head.

The bottle spined like about 7 times and people began to pick truth.

The 8th time the bottle met me and it was Westley that spined the bottle.

“Truth or dare Avery”,

“Truth”, I said.

“Many people has been picking truth since the 7 time”.

“So you are left with one option, dare”.

I looked at him and I didn’t want to argue or cause any attention on me so I just picked dare.

“If you fail this dare you’ll have to drink 6 glass of vodka”.

“And I’m sure you have no tolerance to alcohol”.

He said smirking.

Why do I feel like this dare isn’t something I’m going to like.

I just nodded my head.

“I dare you Avery to feed mason a glass of vodka with your mouth”, he said.

And I was speechless.


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