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  1. What is Getnada

As making providers begin to surge Getnada mails is a temporary mail service for users who wish to use anonymously generated emails to register for services online. Major online users are optimistic about releasing their personal details as many prefer to utilize temporary information.

What is Getnada

nada is the next version of Airmail which is a very successful temporary disposable email service created in Feb 2013. AirMail still works and will continue to work in the foreseeable future, but its age was showing. It’s not mobile-friendly and does not support attachments.

nada is operated by Oron Ogdan-Adam (@oronoa). This is another weekend project that blew out of proportion 🙂 I chose the name – nada (which means nothing in Spanish) to describe the nature of the service, all incoming emails are deleted and turn into nothing after they expire. Instead of filling up your precious real inbox. It’s the best spam trap ever.

Source Getnada

There are over 300+ generating online email software but I can recommend the email service for personal and business use. Emails created on this platform just last for about 20 minutes according to their about page they are generated randomly and users can select from various emails generated.

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