Fintech Marketplace, Here Raises $3M In Funding

Airbnb investment platform Here raises $3 million in funding from over 2500 investors via the crowdfunding platform, Wefunder. Here is a full-service investment platform for busy professionals to invest and own fractional ownership of vacation rental properties for as little as $250. Here is breaking down traditional barriers to entry in real estate investment and providing exposure to the growing $1.8 trillion short-term rental market.

here raises $3m in funding

With a valuation cap of $30 million, the company, the company boasts over 500,000 active users and $2 million in annual revenue. Here allows investors to gain exposure to the vacation rental market, which has historically only been available to a select few, with as little as a $100 investment. Other fractional ownership real estate models have extremely high barriers to entry, with minimum investments soaring to as much as $400k.

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Not only that, but real estate investing is almost always more than just putting in some money. Typically, it involves sourcing residents for the properties, managing the repairs and upkeep of the properties, scheduling and paying for cleaning services, and much more.

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