Canva Introduces Document Features

You can now do more with canva introduction to the document feature.

Design Software and Tool, Canva introduces document features (Canva Docs) for premium subscribers, a tool that boasts over 1 million active users and has become one of the most sought-after design tools for business owners, creatives, individuals, students, etc.

Canva doc

With this feature, users can now edit documents, add engaging visuals like – videos, charts, graphs, and even other canva designs, share and collaborate seamlessly – add comments, assign tasks,s and work with others in real-time, and introduction of the Barnish Writer block an AI-powered writing partner for your ideas.

This comes with the embed feature that allows designers to embed canva designs and documents by copying and pasting the project link. Or just dragging and dropping them in. With the Inclusion of the emoji feature, expression just got much easier.

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In the first quarter of 3032, the company says more features may begin to roll out as they set to introduce the canva UI/UX tools among others.

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