Molly Moon sat in the chair available at the hallway as she patiently waited for the doctor to tell her the outcome of Hayden’s condition.

Her body was filled with Hayden’s bI.ood. She looked at the bI.ood in her dress, and balls of tears falls down from her eyes as she remembered a painful past that happened two years ago.

She cried earlier, because seeing Hayden’s blood earlier reminded her of something she badly wants to forget.


Molly Moon stood up to her feet, when she saw the doctor approaching her.

“How’s he doctor?” She asked, sniffling.

“Are you the girlfriend of the patient” The doctor asked, because of the tears in her eyes.

Molly Moon wiped her tears, and cleared her throat. “No he’s not my boyfriend. He is a friend of mine” She answered.

“Oh I see. As you know, he was stabbed, but it wasn’t that deep which means he’s out of danger” The doctor said, and Molly Moon let out a sigh of relief.

“Can I see him?”

“Yes you can. He needs to be taken care of, so his wounds can heal quickly”

Molly Moon nod her head before going to Hayden’s ward, and on entering the ward, she saw him removing the IV fluid attached to his vein.

“What do you think you’re going, Hayden?” She asked.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in return.

“Don’t you remember? I was the one who brought you here”

Hayden remembered how he met Molly Moon at the beach and sighed.

“Thanks for bringing me here, but I don’t belong here” He said trying to leave, but Molly Moon blocked his part.


“No one belongs here Hayden, but since you’re in a situation that requires medical attention, you have to remain here until the doctor gives you permission to leave”

“I am fine, Moon. This isn’t compared to what have gone through in the past”

“What you have gone through? What do you mean by that, Hayden?” She curiously asked.

Hayden sighed and said. “It’s none of your concern, forget I ever said such”

He tries leaving again, but Molly Moon blocked him. “If you don’t value your life, there’re people who values your existence”

“People like who?”

“Your family. I am sure they’d be worried if something bad happens to you.

Even if your wounds is not that serious, you still need to take a rest, you bleeded a lot earlier. What if you pass out again?”

“Don’t worry Moon, I won’t passed out. As for family, I don’t have any family that will worry about me”

“What are you trying to say Hayden? Families are the only ones who can stay by you in times of danger, or when you’re feeling down”

“I don’t have such family, Moon. And I will be grateful if you don’t ask me about it”


“Thanks for helping me Moon, see you in school tomorrow, and in return for your kindness towards me, I won’t mind lecturing you throughout the day” He beamed a smile at her, before leaving.

“Who could have stabbed him? Does he belong to any criminal organization?” Molly Moon asked and shakes her head afterwards.

“It’s impossible for him to be part of a criminal organization. He doesn’t look like a criminal” Molly Moon said, assuring herself that Hayden is innocent of what she’s thinking of him.

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