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Molly Moon is the mocking stuck of the whole of Crescent College, because she always wears glasses. She gets bvllied by the notorious popular kids in school, and this kids include;


Clayton Simpsons, the leader of the group he belongs to. He hates Molly Moon a lot and he always makes life difficult for Molly Moon. He is friends with Dawson and Freddie, and the three of them are popular in school.

Hayden Nguyen, popularly known for his baddie outfits is also a leader of the group he belongs to. He and Clayton doesn’t get along because they are rivals in terms of popularity and good looks.

Hayden also dislikes Molly Moon, and he is always happy when she’s in tears. He is friends with Ivan and Jesse, who are his childhood friend.

Lastly, Cathy Ramirez, the queen of Crescent College. She likes Clayton a lot, and always contributed to anything he does. She’s also among the people who makes life difficult for Molly Moon.

Molly Moon couldn’t disclose her pains to anyone, because she has no one to run to.

On the night she chose to end her suffering, an unknown person pushed her down the cliff, which made her fall into coma

Months later, Molly Moon returns to Crescent College as a bada$s girl, who no one will be able to mess with, and her main aim was to make both Clayton and Hayden fall in love with her, so she’d break their hearts as REVENGE.

But what happens when the table turned around, who gets to be the one that melted Molly Moon’s Heart? Is it Clayton or Hayden?

Molly Moon is also on the look out for the unknown person that pushed her down the cliff. Who could it be?

Wanna find out? Then join me on the ride brought to you by; Succie Brown




It was the last semester in Crescent college, and after burning the midnights candles just to pass the exam, the students of Crescent college are excited, because they will have lots of time to party and do whatever they like before a fresh semester begins.

“I’m planning on going to Jeju island, what about you?”

“My parents already made plans, so I will be spending the holidays in Antarctica”

“Wow, that’s great. It’s a given to have rich parents, right? We always get what we want”

“You can say that again”

The two girls who were discussing laugh, as they walked on the hallway of the school. Crescent college is the most popular college in Chile, Santiago.

Only the higher-ups are able to send their kids to Crescent college, and the ones who couldn’t afford the fees have to use their brains to become part of the school.

Despite paying huge amount of money, Crescent college is a very strict school. It gives no room for failing.

Failing means getting kicked out of Crescent college, even if you offer huge amount of money.

No one knows who the school belongs to, but rumors had it that the founder of Crescent college is owned by someone who lives in France.

Crescent college might be strict in terms of academics, but it’s not strict in terms of bvllying. Students are allowed to do whatever they like, the only thing they’re not allowed to do is failing.

“Oh my goodness! I love your new pocket watch. How much does it cost?”

“Ten thousand dollars”

“Wow, I’m going to get ten of this”

This was the life of Crescent college students. Being born with a silver spoon, they spend money recklessly, and doesn’t have to worry about tomorrow, because their rich and powerful parents have them covered.

Students could be seen walking around the huge premises of Crescent college, discussing what they would be doing during the holidays, when a girl rushed to them saying;

“It’s Molly Moon! She’s being bullied again!” She announced and the students became excited about it.

👤 I thought I was going to go home without having something to laugh about

👤 Now I have something to upload on my page

👤 Let’s go and watch a live movie.

The students said to one another rushing towards the empty class, where the bullying was taking place.

Molly Moon is seen kneeing on the floor. Her hair was messy, her noise is bleeding and her glasses had crack marks on it.

She was sniffling as she looked at Cathy and her team. Cathy Ramirez is the beautiful queen of Crescent college and the only daughter of a congressman.

She’s popular for not being born into a rich family, but because of her beauty. She is very beautiful, but her heart differs from her face.

“Aren’t you going to answer me? What will you be doing during the holidays?” Cathy asked, and her friends, Charlotte and Lydia let out a mocking smile.

They were also kids of the higher-ups, but Cathy’s family was wealthier then their family.


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