How BioTech Startup Mentalytics is helping people enhance their ability to focus

A Sweden-based biotech startup Mentalytics is helping people enhance their ability to focus and thus become better at what they do in their daily lives with the help of their EGG-based product, Mindball. It reads electrical signals from the brain (using a headband with sensors). You can compare it to an EKG – an electrical signal from the heart. EEG has been around for many years but is restricted to medical use.

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Mentalytics is making waves with its innovative approach to enhancing human focus and concentration. Founded by a team of neuroscientists and tech entrepreneurs, Mentalytics is dedicated to helping individuals harness their cognitive potential through science-driven solutions.

The software helps users train and improve their focus while providing deep analysis of their progress. The goal of the training is to get a better understanding and thus gain control of one’s focus.

“Mentalytics provides immediate nonverbal feedback to the trainee on his/hers actual well-being, what works and what could be changed. So simple and straightforward for desired result improvement” says Marek Kozárik, Shift Leader Assembly Kia Slovakia s.r.o

The core of Mentalytics’ approach is analyzing individual brainwaves and physiological responses. By utilizing wearable devices and sophisticated algorithms, the startup collects and interprets data related to brain activity, heart rate, and other vital signs. This data is then processed to deeply understand an individual’s cognitive state.

Mentalytics Software

The company was founded in 2002 with its flagship product Mindball Game being released to the public. Up until today more than 15 million people around the globe have tested their ability to focus using Mindball and since it launch it has been one of the leading businesses in the commercial EEG market.

To use Focus Mentalytics, you put on the EEG headband, connect it via Bluetooth, log in to the platform and launch the training module; a futuristic racing game that responds to the player’s focus in real time. After approximately ten minutes of training, you return to the platform and analyze the results. Through years of experience Mentalytics has developed a training program that spans over 30 days, where the goal is to ensure a positive outcome for the user.

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The company represents a pioneering approach to focus enhancement that merges science and technology in a way that empowers individuals to unlock their full cognitive potential. As the world continues to grapple with distractions and information overload, startups like Mentalytics offer a beacon of hope for those seeking to reclaim their focus and improve their productivity.

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