From Bird to Doge: Elon Musk changes the Twitter icon to a Doge, keeps promise

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company, is known for his unconventional business practices and frequent use of social media to connect with his audience. One of his favorite platforms is Twitter, where he has amassed a following of over 133 million users. His tweets often have a profound impact on the markets and the public’s perception of his companies.

On March 26, 2021, Musk tweeted about his plans to buy and manage the social media platform Twitter. He wrote, “Thinking about starting a company that helps people buy Twitter and then change the logo to something else.” The tweet sparked a flurry of speculation and excitement among his followers, who were eager to see what Musk had in store for the platform.

One Twitter user responded to Musk’s tweet with a suggestion: “If you do end up buying Twitter, you should change the logo/icon to dogecoin.” Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that started as a joke based on the popular internet meme of a Shiba Inu dog, had been a favorite of Musks for some time. He had previously tweeted about the cryptocurrency several times, causing its value to skyrocket.

Musk responded to the user’s tweet with a simple message: “Haha that would be sick.” The tweet quickly went viral, and within hours, the dogecoin community was buzzing with excitement over the possibility of their beloved cryptocurrency becoming the official icon of Twitter.

The move was widely seen as yet another example of Musk’s eccentric business practices and his willingness to take risks. While some saw it as a joke or a publicity stunt, others saw it as a shrewd marketing move that could help bring more attention to Twitter and Dogecoin.

The reaction to Musk’s tweet was immediate and enthusiastic. The dogecoin community saw it as a validation of their beloved cryptocurrency, which had long been viewed as a joke or a novelty by many in the mainstream financial world. Within hours of Musk’s tweet, the value of dogecoin had surged by more than 20%, reaching a new all-time high.

The move also sparked a wave of speculation about what Musk’s plans for Twitter might be. Some speculated that he might use the platform to promote his various business ventures, while others suggested that he might use it as a tool for social activism or to promote his vision of a more sustainable future.

Whatever Musk’s plans for Twitter might be, changing the platform’s icon to dogecoin was seen as a sign that he was willing to take risks and shake up the status quo. It was also seen as a sign that he was committed to building a more decentralized and democratized social media platform, one that was less beholden to traditional power structures and more responsive to the needs and desires of its users.

The move also sparked a wave of memes and jokes on social media, with many users creating their own versions of the new Dogecoin Twitter logo. Some saw it as a sign of the growing influence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on the mainstream world, while others saw it as a reflection of the growing power of social media influencers like Musk.

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The move also highlighted the power of social media and the role that platforms like Twitter play in shaping public opinion and driving market trends. Musk’s tweets have long been seen as a powerful force in the markets, with his comments on everything from electric cars to space travel having a profound impact on the values of his various companies and the wider financial world.

The move to change the Twitter icon to dogecoin was yet another example of the power that social media influencers like Musk wields, and the way that they can use their platforms to shape public opinion and drive market trends. It was also a reminder that the line between traditional business practices and social media marketing is becoming

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